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Hello all

I downloaded the demo version of Amberlight, thinking I could use it to create some trippy ambient videos for my next album. I'm a composer and songwriter. However, I'm finding it way more complex than I imgagined it would be. I think I thought it would be a sort of self-generating app that would simply allow me to create some weird and wonderful imagery! I was wrong and it needs a lot of work to get something useful. As I spend all my time in the studio creating my music, there's not really a lot of time to devote to learing a whole new programme.

So I wondered if there's anyone out there who'd like to work with me on some weird and floaty moving images for a couple of upcoming tracks? Everything is self-released and self-funded so this is not a commercial proposition. Of course full credits on Youtube and social media goes without saying. Normally my music is either solo or band backed, and I make my own videos with help from the musicians etc. But this album is different, totally studio digital based, exploring some ideas that have been kicking around for a several years, and returning to some of the art installation music I wrote for gallery openings in New York in the early 90s.

I'd love to hear from anyone who's interested in trying something unusual or experimental. 

Thank you!

Simon Scardanelli

Veronika EscapeMotions

Hi Simon,

thanks for posting to our Forum!
We will share your request on our social media channels as well, so that it gets more exposure :)