02.05.2018 03:44
Peter Blaskovic
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Share your color sets so all Rebelle artists can use them!

Click "Reply to this Topic", insert your color set images, write a comment and everyone can download or simply drag & drop your color sets directly into Color Set panel.

How to import a color set into Rebelle: 

   1. Drag & drop Rebelle color set from any folder or web browser directly into Color Set panel 

How to export a color set from Rebelle: 

   1. go to Rebelle menu -> Help -> Show Library Folder...

   2. open "Color" folder with a list of color sets (.png files)

How to insert a color set into this thread: 

   1. go to Rebelle menu -> Help -> Show Library Folder... and open "Color" folder

   2. click "Reply to this topic" at the bottom of this webpage

   3. click "Insert Image" when editing post and open or drag & drop color set (.png file)


02.05.2018 03:44

Here is some color sets:

Italian color

Copic 1

Copic 2

Happy drawing

05.05.2018 10:29

Here are some skin tones.

Skin Tones

12.05.2018 09:35

Thank you all so much for sharing these!

19.05.2018 05:39

Copic Grey color set will be useful for Japanese Sumi-e ink color :

  • C-x as Sei-boku(青墨), soot of burnt pine (blue black)
  • T-x as Cha-boku(茶墨), blended rapeseed oil (red black ink)
  • W-x as Cepia ink for the Western arts (squid ink)



19.05.2018 06:25

Excuse for fixed W-x palette :

06.06.2018 03:45

I would like to share my color set for personal works:


Color universal design RGB set for color barrier free

Sample ;  A railway map that printed in Universal color set



Shadow specification color set for Anime
(work with OpenToonz, RETAS! PAINTMAN, CLIP STUDIO PAINT, etc.)

For example : In case of OpenToonz

13.06.2018 05:44

164 crayola colors

order by family:

order by name:

18.06.2018 06:49

A palette color from the book: W.H.J. Boot "Trees and how to paint them in watercolor" 1883


20.07.2018 05:30

Hi all!

I converted and imported my old colour set of all the usual watercolour pigments. I can't remember where it all originally came from, but enjoy!


The letters at the start indicate the real-world properties of the pigment: O=Opaque, T=Transparent, St=Staining, Gr=Grainy. Of course making them work like that is up to you, I don't think the Rebelle 3 engine is quite that clever (yet? correct me if I'm wrong!).

Here is the data, just save it as a .txt file and follow the instructions in the Rebelle 3 manual to import. The first two spaces on each line must be tab characters, I hope that was supported in the copy and paste.

#F5F481 O Lemon Yellow
#FBF542 O G Lemon
#F9F406 O St Cadmium Lemon
#F9F000 O St Bizmuth Yellow
#F9EF01 T St Transparent Yellow
#F4ED01 T St Yellow
#F9DD00 O St Pale Cadmium Yellow
#F3B900 T Indian Yellow
#F1A710 O St Cadmium Yellow
#EC8C36 O St Deep Cadmium Yellow
#E78135 O Cadmium Orange
#E3682C O Orange
#E45125 O St Cadmium Scarlet
#E11E2E T St Scarlet Lake
#DC3238 O Red
#E12442 O G St Cadmium Red
#CC093B O St Deep Red
#AC1C39 O G Deep Cadmium Red
#E85B62 T Quinacridone Red
#EA9B94 T St Rose Dore
#E7516E T G Rose Madder
#A6242E T St Alizarin Crimson
#D02A40 T St Permanent Alizarin Crimson
#E94760 T St Carmine
#9A438F St G Cobalt Violet
#3C0A4F T St Mauve
#531A7E T St Violet
#794B96 T G Ultramarine Violet
#8C2159 T St Permanent Magenta
#CB316F T Quinacridone Magenta
#492645 T Purple Lake (Student)
#03A4DD T G Manganese Blue
#59B3D0 O G Cerulean Blue
#0176BC T G Cobalt Blue
#45398C T G Deep Cobalt Blue
#2565AF T Ultramarine
#354F97 T G French Ultramarine
#322B6E T Indanthrene Blue
#2F3A7F T St Prussian Blue
#080E13 O St Indigo
#1C5761 T St Phthalo Blue
#15515E O Cobalt Turquoise
#18B2B2 O Light Cobalt Turquoise
#A5D2BB O G Cobalt Green
#00AA79 O Emerald (Student)
#9DC592 T Terre Verte
#4D8641 O G St Chromium Oxide
#02A877 T G Viridian
#30723A T St Sap Green
#454F33 T St Olive Green
#E2D003 T Green Gold
#FFF3AB O Light Naples Yellow
#FBDB84 O Naples Yellow
#F2C536 O Deep Naples Yellow
#E9CE25 O Light Yellow Ochre
#DBA045 T St Deep Gold Ochre
#E6B045 O Yellow Ochre
#CD8D42 T Raw Sienna (Student)
#E9B457 T St Gold Ochre
#B94B30 T Burnt Sienna
#B24E3E T St Maroon
#D9913C T G Brown Ochre
#884D2F O Light Red
#903E27 O St Venetian Red
#803629 O Indian Red
#653D32 T St Brown Madder
#433736 T G Burnt Umber
#25191D T St Vandyke Brown
#57452D T G Raw Umber
#BEBF9D O Davy's Grey
#394045 O St Payne's Grey
#101010 O G Mars Black
#0E0E09 O G Ivory Black
#070707 O Lamp Black
#FFFFFF O Titanium White