09.04.2021 07:45

This is from https://sensuallogic.com/artistcolordata

#fdfef9 Titanium White
#f8de02 Cadm. Yellow Lemon
#ff6e0e Cadmium Orange
#ac7726 Yellow Ochre
#934c2c Orange Ochre
#8b5f2f Raw Sienna
#ffc000 Cadmium Yellow M
#e73808 Cadmium Red L
#b61523 Cadmium Red D
#f54500 Vermilion
#cd261e Cadmium Red M
#70111C Carmine
#8F1023 Scarlet
#631E2B Perm.Madder D
#783026 Venetian Red
#7F1A2A Quinacridone Rose
#322B26 Raw Umber
#3C2823 Burnt Umber
#65382F Burnt Sienna
#1E1DA0 Ultramarine D
#4E4395 Ultramarine Violet
#181C2B Prussian Blue
#182864 Cobalt Blue D
#0079C2 Cerulean Blue
#630036 Perm.Violet M
#843D6F Cobalt Violet
#571872 Perm. Blue Violet
#1D1638 Phthalo BlueGreen
#072B73 Phthalo Blue Red
#1E202F Indanthrene Blue
#00607E Cobalt Turq.Blue
#00685A Cobalt Green
#005955 Viridian
#49633D Sap Green
#456A42 Chromium Ox.Green
#004334 Phthalo GreenBlue
#005228 Phthalo Green Yellow
#237D56 Cobalt Turq.Green
#313336 Ivory Black

10.04.2021 11:58

Thanks Bob, I just want to point out that doesn't look like sap green to me. I made a search and the agreed value seems to be #5c8b15. Cheers

10.04.2021 01:05

Thanks seguso.  Please post any other necessary corrections you find.  I'll post an update at some point once it is well settled.

19.05.2021 08:32

How can I get a color set from text files and import it into the program. I tried to copy this file to notepad and save it as a text file and then import it to Rebelle, unfortunately only the file name shows up. What should be changed in the text file?
Please help.
Google translation.

01.07.2021 03:43

For Sap Green i say depends brand how it looks one Sap Green what is there defined in text earlier is less yellow my wtercolour paint. depends so much to brand. Only few mixtuews what i have my palette i buyed bcouse part of this colour combination is not availbble in single pigment. and maybe photograph my art supplies photos and convrt some their colorus to Rebelle i feel using my mirrorless and etc i get better colour accuracy thna cheap scanner what i have access. like maybe my softapstels and coloured pencils. allready done palette based few photos maybe reduce it bit.

30.07.2021 06:34
Tom Gallovich

Hi Rebelle Artists!

My Color Set for those who asked. I call it my John Pike set since this is the type of palette I use for traditional watercolors. (Minus Black & Grays) The Black I use for Masking Only, Gray values I use for pencil drawing only. Grays and black I generated within the Rebelle 4 color wheel.

When traditional painting I mix all of my grays with any Blue along with any Brown. I do not use black when painting.

About this set - I scanned the colors from actual W&N color swatches on traditional watercolor paper. I maintain a color calibrated system.

The set above from Dreagthe is also an excellent color set!

My colors from upper left corner.

Black, 50%Gray, 90% Gray, 60% Gray, 80% Gray, 70% Gray, Brown Madder, Burnt Sienna, Winsor Orange, Raw Umber, Quinacradone Gold, Aureolin Yellow, Winsor Lemon, Sap Green, Winsor Green, Cobalt Turquoise, Cerulean Blue, Cobalt Blue, French Ultramarine Blue, Prussian Blue, Cobalt Violet, Permanent Magenta, Permanent Rose, Winsor Red, Alizarin Crimson.

When I use this set I choose Order By Hue at the bottom of the color set panel. Enjoy!

25.09.2021 09:57

Good afternoon! 

I'm new to Rebelle, but not new to traditional and digital painting. With regard to traditional painting, I use the W&N Griffin Alkyd oil paints on Belgian linen stretched on a frame. I also use a lot of the W&N Artist oils traditionally too. When I prototype a painting, I tend to do so digitally, forming my ideas digitally using painting tools within Photoshop and ArtRage. I've used a lot of tools including Corel Painter, Photoshop, ArtRage, and Fresco and others, but I hadn't tried Rebelle. I have to say, I am really loving it! even though I'm new at it.

I decided to bring my color palettes that I use in other digital tools. Specifically I use the W&N artist oils color palette, or color set as it's called here.

Here's my Winsor & Newton Artist Oils Color Set, I hope you will enjoy it.

W&N Artist Oil Set

And here's the list of pigments with hex and names. I do use a few specialized colors from other manufacturers traditionally, but these are just the ones from the W&N Artist oil line. I don't use metallic colors traditionally, but since they were in the swatches, I've used them here, they don't really show up metalic obviously, but I thought I'd include the hex #'s anyway.  Enjoy!

#f5f078 - Lemon Yellow Hue
#f8ef33 - Winsor Lemon
#f8ef33 - Camium Yellow Pale
#f4b119 - Indian Yellow
#ee9a20 - Cadmium Yellow
#df6c26 - Cadmium Orange
#da4226 - Cadmium Scarlet
#ce2127 - Winsor Red
#d51f35 - Cadmium Red
#cc202e - Bright Red
#a71e2f - Cadmium Red Deep
#ee3253 - Quinacridone Red
#fabeae - Pale Rose Blush
#cc1f4c - Permanent Rose
#e9958c - Rose Doré
#ac1f25 - Alizarin Crimson
#cb2037 - Permanent Alizarin Crimson
#bd2658 - Parmenent Carmine
#b34599 - Quinacridone Magenta
#a6206e - Magenta
#6c0a2c - Purple Madder
#502847 - Purple Lake
#984388 - Cobalt Violet
#382d78 - Muave Blue Shade
#7d549b - Ultramarine Violet
#622e82 - Winsor Violet
#233b79 - Prussian Blue
#1f1d53 - Indanthrene Blue
#2b3581 - Cobalt Blue Deep
#084f96 - French Ultramarine
#1d3869 - Winsor Blue (Green Shade)
#49a7c9 - Cerulean Blue
#0c6db5 - Cobalt Blue
#1a99d6 - Maganese Blue
#135a6c - Phthalo Turquoise
#0b7372 - Cobalt Turquois
#0ab3aa - Cobalt Turquois Light
#0e4a56 - Cobalt Green
#98cb4f - Cadmium Green Pale
#2fa170 - Winsor Emerald
#319445 - Permanent Green
#a3c08a - Terre Verte
#5e853b - Oxide of Chromium
#1b763b - Chrome Green Deep Hue
#91b99a - Cobalt Chromite Green
#1d9c5f - Viridian
#037f4e - Prussian Green
#206632 - Sap Green
#3c4c25 - Olive Green
#567434 - Green Gold
#f6d03c - Jaune Brilliant
#faf2a9 - Naples Yellow Light
#f8d877 - Naples Yellow
#f2bd48 - Naples Yellow Deep
#e0a126 - Yellow Ochre Pale
#c29134 - Yellow Ochre
#cb842a - Raw Sienna
#e4ac36 - Transparent Gold Ochre
#bc3626 - Burnt Sienna
#884e32 - Transparent Brown Oxide
#ad452f - Transparent Maroon
#bc6d29 - Brown Ochre
#dd7135 - Transparent Red Ochre
#af2025 - Terra Rosa
#8a351c - Light Red
#911e1d - Venetian Red
#ad452f - Indian Red
#871f2c - Mars Violet Deep
#973723 - Brown Madder
#633c16 - Burnt Umber
#211216 - Vandyke Brown
#c0982d - Raw Umber Light
#967c52 - Raw Umber (Green Shade)
#523520 - Raw Umber
#c0c09b - Davy's Gray
#202121 - Charcoal Gray
#404449 - Payne's Gray
#0a0e0f - Blue Black
#151415 - Mars Black
#0b0b0a - Ivory Black
#1e3327 - Perylene Black
#135eab - Indigo
#fcf9f9 - Flake White
#ffffff - Titanium White
#e9d492 - Gold
#dd9532 - Renaissance Gold
#d1712d - Copper
#6e4d26 - Bronze
#aca29b - Pewter
#bbbbbb - Silver

~ Dale Jackson

21.11.2021 01:36
Wolfgang Schweizer

re worked color set  I made from watercolor samples of my most used pigments: Hematites, Ochres, earth pigments I collected myself,  synthetic blue, red and yellow pigments

23.12.2021 06:00
Whitney G

Hi, everyone! First of all, thank you so much to everyone who's shared palettes. I've used pretty much all of them at some point. : )

Like most Gen X kids, I grew up on Rankin/Bass movies (if you're unfamiliar, check out The Enchanted World of Rankin-Bass). I especially love the soft, darkish worlds of their cartoon movies, like The Last Unicorn and The Hobbit. So I've been creating color palettes from screenshots. I enjoy using them in pastel/acrylic landscapes and for wet-acrylic/watercolor children's book type illustrations. 

Rankin Bass #1

Rankin Bass 1   

Rankin Bass #2

 Rankin Bass 2

I also love to paint swamps and forests. 

Misty Forest

Misty Forest

Magic Forest

Magic Forest


04.01.2022 07:45

These sets are taken from their respective websites so should be a good approximation of their colours. They are in alphabetical order (as I don't think Rebelle can sort that way) but can be easily sorted by hue in Rebelle.

 Daniel Smith Extra Fine Waterolours

 Jacksons watercolours

Winsor and Newton Pro watercolours