Hi, I wondered if you could provide me with more information about the Init Curve Transform. Sometimes when importing vector layers the origin is a distance away from the rest of the object and I need to move the origin manually. I noticed there is a small break in the vector object when heavily zoomed in. Could I correct my issue when creating the svg files or before I import the svg's to Flame Painter. I've been creating some amazing graphics using the software, (hopefully commercial) and find the program relaxes my anxiety symtoms.

Veronika EscapeMotions

Hi Dave,

at the moment I believe the only option is what you probably do - move the stroke's path towards the Init Curve manually by moving the starting points of the path with the "Edit tool" or "Group Edit tool".

We're happy to hear you enjoy working in Flame Painter. You are welcome to upload your works to your account's Portfolio and the Gallery, we'd be delighted to see them! :)