Hi, guys !

I am working mostly with the latest Rebelle 3 demo now and find it the best drawing software on the market, but today I tried Flame Painter and was impressed by the quality and speed of the particle system. I want to say, that particle systems has always attracted me while working in on my projects in Unity3D and the Flame Painter implementation looks very promising.

Did you ever think about applying it to video (stream captured from camera in realtime) ? I suppose this feature can be very interesting  to  many users and can open a wide range of possibilities.As a next step adding OpenCV library to the project for detecting objects (for ex. faces and  hands) can move this product to the new level.

Also the latest version of OpenCV contains a DNN module for running neuron networks, built with Tensorflow (I am using MobileNet in one of my projects) and this option can be used for many interesting experiments with image processing.

Facebook's Spark studio does something like that on mobile platforms with very limited resources,  and powerful desktops can do all this staff on the fly.

What are your thoughts about the subject ?