Hi, I just got my first drawing tablet (Kamvas 16), which does not support pen rotation. I know Rebelle 3 allows you to rotate brush with pen tilt, although this doesn't work very well at all. Holding the pen at no tilt has the brush oriented horizontally, and you have to tilt the pen all the way down/up to be able to change it to vertical. Obviously that won't work. The "follow trajectory" optinon only seems to work for a mouse and not the pen. Since brush rotation is so important I need to figure out a way that will work with my tablet. Is there a way to map brush rotation to a hotkey?

Veronika EscapeMotions

Hi @Kabukiman,

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It seems your pen tilt might be inverted, please go to Edit > Preferences and enable "Invert Pen tilt". Click OK to confirm and try again.
How does it work now?

Regarding the Follow Trajectory not working, maybe the Preferences setting overwrites your rotation option. Please go to Preferences > Tools and deselect this option: "Always use Pen Tilt / Rotation instead of the Follow Trajectory".
Does the Follow Trajectory rotation work for your pen now?

Looking forward to your reply.