Carlos Herrera

artist background cover

Carlos Herrera was born in El Salvador, Central America, in 1957. He studied Mechanical Engineering at Universidad Centroamerica (UCA) and at University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). Aside from his technical background, painting and artistic drawing was always part of his life since early age. Though mostly self-taught, he fondly remembers the guidence of Salvadorian artists like Noel Castro, Violeta Beonilla de Cevallos, and Camilo Minero amoung others. After moving to the USA to join his parents, Carlos studied Landscape art specializing in the traditional painting techniques of the Dusseldorf School of Art. He worked for several years at a large book publishing company in New York City, as technical advisor for color conversion from digital to traditional printing. After spending a few years as art instructor of the City of Vista Painting Club teaching traditional watercolor, oils, and acrylics, he is now exploring 2D digital painting using a few digital apps. Most of the time he works with the latest version of Rebelle on a Huion Kamvas 24 display tablet. As a teacher, his current areas of interest are developing painting methods for post realism and neo impressionistic styles using digital media.