Connie Karleta Sales

artist background cover

Connie Karleta Sales is an artist, poet, and advocate living with Neuromyelitis Optica, a rare autoimmune disease predominately affecting her optic nerves and spinal cord.  She paints both using her eyes through eye gaze technology and also her mouth to hold the pen or brush, mixing both digital and traditional mediums.  Exhibited and collected both nationally and internationally, in 2022, a part of the Lunar Codex Project, Connie’s art is headed to the moon. An avid practitioner of Lectio/Visio Divina Meditation, drawing experiences with words as beings of color, shape, texture, and voice. She is inspired by how art holds space to receive, absorb, and uncover suffering, joy, and community; all while discovering a capacity for safety and grace.

“There is no, one-story within my work. Line quality is created out of the experience. Composition emerges as the woven motions of my heart’s beat.”