10 watercolor artists to follow on Instagram in 2020

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One of the oldest painting methods in the history of art, watercolors won the hearts of millions of artists from all around the globe. It has come a long way since its invention (you can read about its history in one of our previous postsand thanks to its versatility, this medium in both traditional and digital form, deserves its popularity across all skill levels by right. If you’re an art lover like us, these 10 watercolor artists should be on your radar.

Milind Mulick

Living in Pune, India, this experienced illustrator with a solid fan base of 45k followers creates in a more classic style of watercoloring. Every painting starts with a visual that gets filtered by the artist’s experience, perception and thought process...and Milind masters this exceptionally well.

Dhruba Mazumber

Besides showcasing his art on Instagram, this traditional watercolorist from Bucharest, Romania recorded some great tutorials using different watercolor techniques on his YT channel. Take a look!

Kamila Stankiewicz

You may know her as Rebelle Featured Artist and she never ceases to amaze us with her paintings (both traditional and digital) that she posts on her Instagram profile. Kamila Stankiewicz is from Poland and makes a world a more beautiful place to live with her charming children illustration. Read more about this talented artist in our interview.

Taku Furuyama

Japanese master painter and owner of his gallery focuses on traditional landscape paintings but is not afraid of experimenting with the digital medium. His art depicts both urban and rural sceneries showing his great taste and years of experience.

Bryan Sanchez

Bryan's work looks for pure abstraction against the paths already established. His watercolor tattoos are not concrete images, but hints of what could be as a sketch on the paper and painted using the skin as a canvas. Except for his tattooing skills, Bryan captures his numerous activities such as mural paintings or art exhibitions.

Qing Han

With 2 million followers, this talented illustrator represents a new generation of watercolor artists whose painting will immediately catch your eye while scrolling through your Insta. She describes herself as a "professional doodler" but we'd rather say she is a "must-follow artist".

Helen Dardik

The most colorful and uplifting gallery of illustrations from the list can be definitely found on Helen's Instagram. She has her own distinctive style of watercolor painting and it stands out in every painting she does. Let it shine in your feed too!

Julija Lubgane

For all artistas - fashionistas out there, Julia Lubgane is a well-known fashion illustrator with over 20 years of experience. She has been inspired by many mediums on her creative journey and these days she's creating digitally. A lookout for realistic results brought her to Rebelle and she pleases the eyes of her followers with amazing pieces ever since. Read more about this talented Rebelle Featured Artist in our interview.

Rukiye Garip

Rukyie is a traditional watercolor artist from Balıkesir, Turkey. In her paintings, she captures the ephemeral beauty of nature that can rapidly disappear and cannot be returned. Taking care of all the details, she depicts even the tiniest elements that make her art exceptional. The peaceful effect of blue and green is what you'll frequently find in her art.

Riso Chan

Angela M. Prevosti a.k.a. Riso Chan is a creative soul based in Amsterdam. We stumbled upon this portrait artist quite by accident but her gentle, yet striking illustrations caught our attention immediately. The style of her paintings is very imaginative and ranges from realistic to more edgy and expressive. It's always a pleasure seeing her work on our Insta feed, so if you're a fan of this style, make sure to hit her a follow.

BONUS: On Instagram, there are many profiles that feature watercolor artists and their works on a regular basis. We hand-picked 5 of them for you, so if you're looking for some daily source of inspiration, it may be worth to check them out:



There's no doubt there are thousands of talented watercolor artists on Instagram just waiting to be discovered. So we hope you liked our selection of different watercolor styles created both in traditional and digital medium presented by watercolor artists from every corner of the world.
Share your favorite artist on Instagram with us and support this beautiful art form!

Your EM team :)

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