15 Qualities of Creative People

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Creative people may be defined from the scientific point of view by a whole host of intellectual, emotional, motivational and moral characteristics. The common belief is that creative individuals are daydreamers with a very well-developed imagination, playful introverts with a great deal of physical energy and a tendency to rebel against boring stereotypes.


If you can identify yourself in the points below it is highly probable you belong to those who can call themselves ‘creative’:

1. When inspiration strikes you fully concentrate on your work and often lose track of time. You forget to eat or sleep and cannot break away from your creative process until the work is done.

2. You love challenges. No problem is so big that you can’t find a solution to it. You’re sometimes even glad when a difficulty occurs because it makes you think harder and challenge your inner artist.

3. Sometimes you daydream. It’s your escape from a boring reality to your own world. You often wonder out loud and might be heard saying ‘I wonder what would happen if…’. This makes it easier for you to change, adapt or modify original ideas.


4. You avoid routine as it is something that dries out your creative juices. You’re still in the hunt for new experience and adventures that stimulates your creativity.

5. You are not comfortable with rules or anyone telling you how to do your work. Freedom in thinking and creating is your priority and you hate to follow any conform, exerted practice.

6. You are persistent. If you have a vision you never give up and always try to achieve your goal. This sometimes makes you stubborn in the public eye but you don’t care - you always try to prove you’re right about your views.

7. You are an art lover, you always enjoy a good book, film or a theatre performance - all forms of art hold a huge mass of inspiration that you can use further in your work. You know that inspiration strikes you at the least expected time in the least expected places.


8. Your opinion on your work changes very often. It’s not unusual for you to be satisfied with the final result before going to bed, yet the first thing you do in the morning is re-creating the whole work. You always follow your inner feelings about everything.

9. You are a great observer - no detail, even the smallest one will not escape your eye. Your surrounding is your inspiration and you know every single piece of it. You also often tend to observe human nature and use much of that material for your creative work.

10. You have little tolerance for boredom and hate boring things. You always try to keep your mind uplifted and creative, but boredom destroys this. No matter where you are, you are ready to leave the first second you feel bored.

11. Some people may see you as childish or immature. That is because you like to get silly and playful from time to time because you still carry that inner child within you. Little do they know you have a playful mindset even when being serious which helps you bounce back from setbacks.

12. You are willing to take risks. You may be considered as an adventurous person but you have a good reason for it - you don’t like to play safe games. Instead, you look for new unconventional ideas and methods and try to make them a reality. It may not work out well but you always believe it could.


13. You know procrastination well and tend to do things at the last minute. This is probably not because you would lack inspiration or be lazy, you believe that the most original ideas come after you procrastinate.

14. You are a sensitive person open to new experiences, emotions, sensations, and ideas. Sensitivity can be both a blessing and a curse for you - leading to a greater intensity of experience as well as emotional overwhelm.

15. Your daily routine is upside down. You like to rest during the day and get creative during the night. It is usually in this night time you come up with the best ideas.

Have you found yourself in the above points? What do you think describes a creative personality the best? What is your real-life experience as a creative individual? Let us know your thoughts!



Image courtesy: (Tim Arterbury, Alice Achterhof, Lacie Slezak, Matthew Sleeper).

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