3 New Additions to our Paper Sets for Rebelle are Out!

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We’re happy to release three brand new sets of extraordinary papers and canvases that invite you to experience creative freedom while painting in Rebelle. They are based on their real-world equivalents used by traditional artists. The new paper sets include a collection of 3 beautiful canvases, papers consisting of wood fragments, and a set of unique recycled papers made from pulp. We turn them for you into a digital form so you can enjoy these exceptional surfaces digitally directly on your computer.

Traditional Canvas - The Royal Material

The canvas has always been a painter’s royal material. This set offers traditional primed canvas, pure fabric, and a bumpy canvas for brave experimenters. Enjoy the adventure of acrylics, watercolor painting, and ink wash drawing!

Archival Paper - Pulp With Wood Fragments

The new set is an example of papers containing various fragments of wood. Wood sawdust or pieces of bark give these papers a unique look. Such materials were used in the 20th century by artists for sketching and botanists to archive plants. One of the papers is an interpretation of a sheet produced in 1920. Go ahead and paint on these unique materials!

Handmade Recycled - Original Pulp Mix

This set was made by recycling different types of pulp. The master papermaker used various sieves for separating the pulp to obtain various types of surfaces. Each paper is a unique original. These handmade papers allow for unusual combinations of watercolor painting and surface drying. If you dream of new expression possibilities, this set is for you!


How We Create Papers for Rebelle

The ultra-realistic papers are an absolute gem. When creating papers, we look for a suitable contrast in texture to capture the characteristics of the fibers, which creates a unique paper structure every time. Papers are not a simple copy of reality. They are new textured images created with respect to the original pattern and behave realistically like real papers while painting in the Rebelle.

The new, as well as the rest of the paper sets, are available from our website for $9.99 USD each. Every set contains three different papers or canvases.

Have fun and enjoy creative freedom with these paper additions! :-)
Your Escape Motions Team


These papers and canvases are exclusive assets for Rebelle software (version 3.0 and newer). They were created by Lubomir Zabadal, an expert for traditional art media and assistant professor at UKF University, Slovakia.


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