Amberlight 2: Key Features

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The release day of Amberlight 2 is approaching. We’ve picked the most innovative features you can expect in the new upgrade:

Animation mode

To easily animate and change frames over time we added a new panel - Timeline:


In this panel, you’ll be able to manipulate keyframes and play the animation. You can save the animation either as a sequence of images in JPG, BMP or PNG files with alpha channel or as a video. A great bonus of animating in Amberlight is the simplicity of use, so not only professionals will be able to do dramatic video recording, but also enthusiasts will quickly learn how to animate in Amberlight as well. When creating a new scene you can easily set the desired FPS and if the animation should be looped or not. FPS refers to frames per second or how many frames need to be drawn for every second that goes by in real time. You can set the Playback looping if you want the video to create a continuous repetitious video outcome.

Better editing of fields

We added many essential features to edit fields mode - you can now copy a field’s parameters to another field, duplicate fields, or select all fields at once. You can also set a number of grids to position the fields more precisely. Multi-selection tool will ease the editing as you can quickly scale, pan, and rotate the selected fields: 


Undo & Redo

In Amberlight’s first version, the Undo function was not indeed necessary due to the character of the app and the fact that the scene was re-rendered with every change. In the new version, there are many added new features that the Undo & Redo became inevitable functions to have.

Preferences Panel & Custom Shortcuts

You can set a variety of your own Preferences - choose your own custom keyboard shortcuts or set the scaling for the app’s interface. You can also choose whether the New Artwork dialog should open at the start-up or set the compressions of .jpeg files. With Amberlight 2 we’ll introduce a feature to set the maximum memory used which we’ll implement in other our apps too.


Using the Modifiers - Variations and Waves - you can experiment with the final look of the scene. We’ll talk more about Modifiers in the next blog post, so stay tuned!

In case you haven’t seen Amberlight 2 in action yet, watch our teasing video:

Your Escape Motions Team

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