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In the previous blog post, we introduced the main key features that are coming to the new Amberlight 2 upgrade. Today we’ll explain other big part of the new version: Modifiers.

Modifiers will help you shape and change the final look of the scene. What may look like a 'symmetry' feature is actually a coherent system of magnetic fields and particles in deformed space. We divided Modifiers into two groups: Variations and Wave.


Imagine that there are more layers that are being rendered on the scene. Variations are those layers. In the first version of Amberlight users were not able to change this as the number was set by default. In the new upgrade, you can modify how many variations you want. There are two types of variations to choose from:

·      Random - Fields will create random shapes and formations.
·      Uniform - Fields will create uniform shapes and formations.

You can select the Number of variations that affects how many variations will be created on the scene. Besides adding variations you can also scale them. Scale affects the position of each variation: when set to low values, the variations will be rendered closer to each other. When the scale is higher, the distance between each variation will be greater.

Examples of random and uniform variations:



Wave is a modifier that affects the final look. This is a completely new type of setting in Amberlight. Here are five different types of waves to choose from:

·      None - No wave modifier is used.
·      Circle - Circle wave.
·      Square - Square wave.
·      Vertical - Vertical wave.
·      Horizontal - Horizontal wave.

Examples of wave modifier types:


Set the frequency of the waves, or in other words, the rate at which waves are repeated on the scene. Choose how strong the waves should be with the amplitude slider. The amplitude represents half the distance between the minimum and maximum values of the wave.

Examples of a square wave modifier with different frequency and amplitude settings:



Modifiers will be a great tool to have for experimenting with the scene in the new upgrade. We are looking forward to your feedback on them as well as on the brand-new Amberlight, which will be out on March 8, 2016.

Save the date!
Your Escape Motions Team

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