Amberlight 2 with animation to be released soon

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Yes, you read well. Amberlight 2 is coming. And yes, it will feature an animation mode!


Your wishes come true, the most user-suggested feature is being developed and will be released in the next upgrade. We felt that Amberlight with an animation mode will be really cool, so we ran a lot of tests and trials, have completely rewritten the code, added a new Timeline panel and a lot of useful features. Finally, our development is slowly coming to an end. We are very excited about the release, current beta test results are awesome. These days we are still polishing details, so you have to wait a bit to get the fresh new Amberlight 2.

We’d like to release Amberlight 2 on March 8, 2016. The price of the full version is $59.99. For all dedicated Amberlight users we prepared a special 50% upgrade discount: 

Full price: $59.99 | Upgrade price: $29.99

This means that existing users only pay the price difference between versions. This way we ensured that no user of the original Amberlight pays more than is the regular price of Amberlight 2. 

Besides the animation, there will be more special features such as field modifiers so you can experiment with different variations and add unique wave effects to the final look. We also added undo & redo functions and made editing of the fields more creative. You can select more fields, duplicate them, copy their parameters, or lock them to the grid to create symmetric images easier. 

Watch a short teasing video:

More information about the newly added features will be released next week here on our blog so make sure you don’t miss out!

Peter Blaskovic

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