Amberlight 2.1.5 and Inspirit 1.1.5 Updates with Community Account Registration

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To unify the registration system for all our software, we have released new updates of Amberlight 2 and Inspirit. These updates allow you to register using your Community account. So from now on, you can use all your favorite software with one account.

If you've been with us for some time, you probably remember the new registration system that came with Rebelle 3 where we decided to start to use user account registration instead of registration keys. Each user has its own Community login that applies both to our website and the software. This new system is beneficial for various reasons:

  • You don't need 4 different registration keys, the same password can be used for each Escape Motions software;
  • Community account is the easiest way to access the download links to your purchased software and assets;
  • You can use your custom username and password;
  • The passwords are encrypted in our database according to the latest data protection regulations;
  • It is easier to manage passwords for us as a developer.

The system has already been implemented to Rebelle 3 and Flame Painter 4. Now both Amberlight 2 and Inspirit have joined!

Here are all the important details you need to know:

For all existing Amberlight 2 and Inspirit users

A) If you don't want to download the latest updates, that is completely OK. You can keep using the versions you have with the registration keys. Just bear in mind, the next versions will use the new registration system so if you decide to upgrade, you will be asked to create an account.

B) If you already have a Community account, just log in and download the latest updates from your profile. After you download and install, register the new updates with your account (Email or Username, and Password).

C) If you don't have a Community account and want the latest updates, follow these instructions:

  • Enter your registration details (email address and registration key) for Amberlight 2 on this Download page, for Inspirit on this Download page. Click "Download now".
  • Here download the latest update and create your account - enter your Username and Password. Click “Confirm”.
  • Done! Go and register Amberlight 2.1.5 and Inspirit 1.1.5 with your account.

For future Amberlight 2 and Inspirit users

If you purchase Amberlight 2 and Inspirit, you will be asked to create a Community account after the purchase. If you already have an account, you will be asked to log in to confirm your identity.

New Community menu

The new Community menu has been added to the top menu bar of Amberlight 2.1.5 - you can now access Gallery, Forum, or your Account directly from the application. Moreover, you can easily publish your amazing artwork from this menu too.

If you need any assistance just let us know at [email protected].
We’re here to help you :)
Your Escape Motions Team

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