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Since 2010, when Flame Painter was first released, we have been putting all our efforts and sweat in making it a better software for every user. This is a big opportunity to say THANKS to All of You for the support you gave us throughout those years!

This might sound like the Flame Painter project is over, right?
Don’t worry, we still work on it, but now we have some big exciting news to share:

After long months of development, we are releasing a new art program - a visualization of the math algorithm created by Peter Blaskovic. In the world of computer art, this is a one-of-a-kind tool that will broaden your artistic horizons and allow you to design stunning computer generated images.
It is a lot of fun to create and develop this tool, but you wouldn’t believe that coming up with a really good name for the software is work like hell. :)

But we’ve made it…

…and would like to present to you a brand new…


As you can see, this mysterious connection between math and art unveils a very new art experience:


All Flame Painter users can feel even more excited - you will get a 50% discount for Amberlight for the first weeks after release. And we are releasing it soon!

We will talk closer about Amberlight and its features in our next blog posts, so stay tuned!
Escape Motions Team

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