Announcing the Rewarded Videos of Tutorial Challenge Vol. 4

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We are thrilled to share a number of great tutorials created by Rebelle artists joining the recent challenge. Some are introducing their favorite Rebelle 6 feature on practical examples and some decided to create a painting workshop following the theme of Winter Magic. We hope these videos will be inspiring and helpful.

Our gratitude belongs to all participants who created tutorials for this challenge. Especially those, who are fairly new to creating video content or joined the Rebelle community only recently. Make sure to support them with an appreciative and encouraging comment or a subscription to their channel if you find the tutorial helpful.

The creators of the first three tutorials will be rewarded with $1,200 in total. All tutorials below as well as many useful painting videos can be found on our YouTube channel. Subscribe and get notified once the new tutorials become available.

Winter Magic by James Oliver

In this video tutorial, James Oliver wonderfully demonstrates several techniques, creating a winter landscape on a full-color Wood Veneer art surface. Watch him play with different textures and their influences on layers. You will learn how to use layer masks, adjust brushes, create texture scratches, and more.
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A Complete Guide to Layer Masking by Tom Gallovich

Tom Gallovich shows many different ways to use a layer mask. Whatever your style and subject matter, masking offers a great way to make nondestructive adjustments. Create a brush from start to finish that will quickly render pine trees. Design a specific brush best used for masking dark colors. Explore different ways a layer mask will help you make adjustments during the painting process. Not sure how an adjustment will look? Create a mask!
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Tom contributed to this challenge with multiple tutorials, which he is adding to an extensive collection of painting tutorials in Rebelle on his YouTube channel. We recommend watching the recent 10-minute Watercolor tutorial as well:
Learn more about Tom Gallovich:

Using Clipping Masks by Benjamin Aeilkema

The Dutch illustrator and art teacher Benjamin Arilkema takes you through different scenarios on how to use his favorite Rebelle 6 feature, clipping masks. Watch him explain this feature in a simple and interactive way and learn how you can use clipping masks for your next painting.
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Benjamin also prepared a tutorial following the theme of Winter Magic. You can watch this gouache painting workshop here:
Learn more about Benjamin Aeilkema:

Bonus Video Tutorials

We are excited that so many artists decided to start their 2023 by creating tutorials for fellow artists. The tutorials below deserve special recognition, as they offer great tips that will help your painting in Rebelle.

Liquify Tool by Wee Bob Art

In this tutorial video, Robert Davidson showcases multiple ways how to use the new Liquify tool. He is using a drawing based on his favorite game.
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Learn more about Robert Davidson:

Favorite Features in Rebelle 6 by Basement Picasso

Peter Smith showcases his favorite additions to Rebelle 6, Favorite Brushes, Stroke Length, and Reference Image Guides on practical examples. Watch this tutorial to learn about his thoughts on these features as well as his hopes for Rebelle's future development. 
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Learn more about Peter Smith:

The Use of Brush Creator by Lewis Jacob Zimba

Jacob takes us on a journey of showcasing his style of abstract realism mixed with a bit of impressionism and teaching the viewer how to create brushes that will help to achieve a traditional-like painting process in Rebelle.
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Learn more about Lewis Jacob Zimba:

Western Winter Wonderland by TNArtist

Brett Tadlock created an extensive painting process video following the theme of Winter Magic. As he likes painting snow and loves the majesty of a sunrise/sunset when the golden hour comes across mountains and snow, this painting is a strong mix of complementary colors to add to the drama. In the tutorial, he showcases tools like clipping masks, stencils, and custom brushes.
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Learn more about Brett Tadlock:

We hope you find these tutorials helpful and will be able to improve your digital painting skills following these tips. If you have advice on how to use any feature, do not hesitate to share it with other artists using #rebelle.

Stay tuned, new art challenges will come soon!
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