Enhancing Your Digital Paintings with Textures in Rebelle

July 19, 2024

Textures play a crucial role in bringing digital paintings to life, adding depth, and richness, that can transform an image into a captivating piece of art. Rebelle excels at simulating the intricate details of traditional media, making it an ideal…

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Interview with Artist: Paul Shipper

July 11, 2024

Paul Shipper, an acclaimed illustrator and movie poster artist, has garnered international recognition for his vibrant and dynamic artwork. Known for his distinctive style that blends traditional and digital techniques, Paul has created iconic posters for major Hollywood films, television…

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Touch of Tradition in New Rebelle Art Papers

July 2, 2024

Today, we're excited to introduce three brand-new sets of extraordinary full-color digital papers designed to enhance your creative experience with Rebelle. We've worked our magic to transform these real-world papers into digital formats. The surfaces are inspired by papers used…

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Claim Ownership of Your Artwork with Wacom Yuify in Rebelle

June 28, 2024

Rebelle 7.2 introduces the integration of an innovative new digital rights management service Wacom Yuify. As of today, you can protect your digital artworks, prove authorship, and manage usage rights with just a few clicks directly through Rebelle. In the…

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Escape Motions Stands by Artists

June 20, 2024

In recent years, AI has generated significant buzz, sparking widespread debate. There have been numerous arguments both for and against its use, leading to disagreements both online and offline. The undeniable truth is that artificial intelligence is here to stay,…

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Dutch Skies Pastel Painting Tutorial by Ad van Bokhoven

June 13, 2024

Ad van Bokhoven, the Dutch painter we introduced in a recent interview, is a master of quick paintings. From ten to thirty minutes, a beautiful pastel or oil landscapes are produced in his studio. Let's look at his painting process…

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DTIYS Behind The Scenes with Artists

June 6, 2024

The month of May belonged to the Spring DTIYS Challenge and we could not be more astonished by the 240+ entries we received. Last week, we announced the winners but felt some of the entries deserve even more recognition. We…

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Spring DTIYS Style Challenge: Winners Announced

May 30, 2024

Spring has brought with it a burst of creativity, and our Spring Draw This In Your Style (DTIYS) Challenge has come to a close. With an invitation opened to digital artists from all over the world, we received more than…

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Interview with Artist: Ad van Bokhoven

May 16, 2024

We are thrilled to introduce Dutch painter Ad van Bokhoven. Growing up with a crayon in his hand and later graduating from the Royal Academy of Design and Arts in ’s-Hertogenbosch, Ad's art path was clear. He spent the last four…

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