Announcing the Rewarded Videos of Tutorial Challenge Vol. 5

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We are pleased to announce the winners of the recent Video Tutorial Challenge. During the month of September, we received educational videos tackling these two themes: the anatomy basics in digital painting and a look back at the summer. Watch the winning tutorials below and improve your anatomy drawing skills or landscape painting. There are plenty of useful tips waiting for you.

Big thanks to all participants, who created tutorials for this challenge. Especially those, who are fairly new to creating video content or joined the Rebelle community only recently. We received tutorials narrated in various languages and we hope these will be helpful to the wider Rebelle community. Support tutorial creators by appreciative comments, sharing videos, or subscribing to their channels.

The creators of the best three tutorials will be financially rewarded with $1,200 total. To show our appreciation for the effort put into creating these tutorials, all artists who submitted a video for this challenge will receive two Rebelle paper sets of their choice. All tutorials below and many useful painting videos can be found on our YouTube channel. Subscribe and get notified once the new tutorials become available.

"How to Paint the Nose" by Angela Tribbeck

Angela Tribbeck takes us on a journey of discovering the style of Swedish painter, Anders Zorn. Looking particularly at the nose, this tutorial guides us through various nose shapes and explains how to draw all its parts in great detail. This is a tutorial you will want to save and get back to any time you have a nose to draw.

"The Ultimate Hand Tutorial" by Marina Dutra Muniz Ferreira

Another very helpful anatomy tutorial comes from Marina Dutra a.k.a Nina. Explained in her mother tongue, Portuguese (English subtitles available), she offers a helpful hand to all those who are struggling with the hand anatomy. Learn how geometric shapes can help form the hand into a proportional shape.

"Summer Landscape: Intro to Digital Watercolor for Traditional Artists" by Nej Ravindran

Nej Ravindran paints a simple summer landscape, comparing traditional watercolors with digital watercolors in Rebelle. Even though these are just watercolor basics, he demonstrates drop engine, tilt, water tool, nanopixel, and real pigment mixing very well. Just compare the results with the traditional artwork and if you still have your doubts about the realistic feel of digital painting, try it yourself.

Bonus Video Tutorials

While we are officially recognizing and financially rewarding only three tutorials, it's important to acknowledge that the videos below also deserve special recognition. They provide valuable tips and insights on both topics, the anatomy basics and also the summer memories.

"Find the Composition with Rebelle Thumbnails" by Basement Picasso

Peter Smith a.k.a Basement Picasso took this opportunity to explore a summer reference photo of hay bales in a field and to use various features including a custom color set, clipping masks, and using the reference photo window in an interesting way to explore an image. Look how many different thumbnails you can create.

"Spontaneous Summer Watercolor Study" by Tom Gallovich

Tom Gallovich takes a walk down memory lane a creates a spontaneous watercolor study. Using traditional transparent watercolors in Rebelle. He works mainly with Tilt, Diffusion, Layer Masks, and plenty of water. As he says: "Be patient and let the water work its magic!"

"Tips for Drawing Eyes and Eyebrows for Realistic Portraits" by Ryanne Levin

Painting a lot of portrait commissions, Ryanne Levin knows how challenging it can be to realistically portray different facial features. Each face is different and it can feel overwhelming to draw it. By going over the basic anatomy of the eyes, Ryanne offers help to beginners to feel a little more confident.

"How to Paint Summer Flowers" by Oskar Górski

Who does not like nature? Oskar Górski chooses a variety of summer flowers to take us on a journey of painting them with watercolors. Using a lot of different watercolor and pastel brushes, while taking advantage of the Liquify tool, this tutorial in Polish (English subtitles available) gives great summer vibes.

"Painting a Summer Sunflower Card" by Benjamin Aeilkema

Finishing off with another beautiful flower tutorial. Is there anything more summery than sunflowers? Benjamin Aeilkema shows us how to create our own color palette and once settled on colors, he shows us a particular painting style: stippling. Who knows, maybe you can try it on your next painting as well. 

We believe these tutorials provide a lot of insights and will help you improve your painting skills, especially when using Rebelle. Let us know which tutorial was most useful in the comments below. 

Happy Painting!
Escape Motions Team

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