Announcing the Rewarded Videos of Tutorial Challenge Vol. 6

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We are thrilled to announce the best of the Video Tutorial Challenge held in March. Focusing on three topics, these videos bring valuable tips for beginning illustrators, tips for fantasy character creation, and spring-themed painting. Congratulations to the winners and recognized entries!

A huge thank you goes out to all participants who dedicated their time and creativity to preparing tutorials for this challenge. Let's show our support for these tutorial creators by leaving appreciative comments, sharing their videos, or subscribing to their channels.

Challenge submissions explore topics like illustration, spring, or fantasy while providing valuable input on how to work with Rebelle’s tools. Learn how to work with different media, layers, blending modes, reference images, and much more. The first three tutorials will receive a total reward of $1,200.

You can find all the tutorials, along with many other helpful painting videos, on our YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe to stay updated on new tutorials as they become available.

Painting an Ogre by Nick Harris

Children’s book illustrator, Nick Harris, dives into the fantasy world while painting an Ogre. Based on his traditional art training and decades of experience, he keeps his toolbox pretty simple – a pentel, hard square pastel, and flat wash watercolors. This tutorial not only shows the painting process and useful tips but also tells the story of the Ogre and his faithful companion.
Watch this tutorial on YouTube:

Getting Started with Digital Watercolors by Tom Gallovich

Tom Gallovich provides a real-time digital watercolor demo with a spring theme. Beginning with 10 painting effects to help us create our digital watercolor. Taking one step at a time to further the progression of a multiple-layer illustration. Making decisions for adjustments and corrections along the way. Tom discusses in detail every step and lays the foundation for what will come next. This demo will help turn beginners into advanced artists in digital watercolors.
Watch this tutorial on YouTube:

Background for Beginners by Marina Dutra

Illustrator and comic artist Marina Dutra chooses an interesting approach to this challenge. For beginning illustrators, usually, the focus is on anatomy and foregrounds while the background stays in the back of the mind as well. We hope Marina’s tips on background will be particularly helpful.
Watch this tutorial on YouTube:

Bonus Video Tutorials

Even though only three videos receive financial rewards, we believe these bonus videos (below) deserve recognition as well, as their authors provide invaluable tips for your work in Rebelle. 

The Concept for Fantasy Creatures by Valerio Russo

Italian artist Valerio Russo provides tips on how to create fantasy characters. He finds inspiration in food, animals, or daily life objects. Where do you find inspiration for your fantasy worlds?
Watch this tutorial on YouTube:

Painting Lupine Flowers by Ryanne Levin

Ryanne Levin, a traditional and digital artist based in the USA was raised to showcase love and appreciation for animals, plants, and the outdoors. This translated to her art pieces as well, therefore, choosing the theme Spring is Coming was no no-brainer. In this tutorial, Ryanne paints beautiful pink and yellow lupin flowers, using watercolor and acrylic brushes. She provides additional tips on how to work with reference images and layer blending modes.
Watch this tutorial on YouTube:

Digital Watercolor Basics by Avinash Rajesh

Avinash Rajesh, an artist from India shows his passion for introducing art to the younger generation. In this beginner, possibly even kid-friendly tutorial Avinash explores the world of digital watercolors and wet-on-wet style. His hope is this will ignite a lifelong passion for art in many.
Watch this tutorial on YouTube:

49 Tips for Illustration by Wee Bob Art

Robert Davidson a.k.a Wee Bob Art has featured Rebelle on his YouTube channel for several years. This time, he provides 49 quick art tips that can be applied to illustration or painting in general.
Watch this tutorial on YouTube:

Color Theory by Alexander Maroqquín

Colombian graphic designer and educator, Alexander Maroqquín, provides a tutorial focusing on color theory, for all who are just starting with the illustration. He will walk you through creating and mixing colors and color sets, such as the "Pick Color" tool, the Color panel, the Color Set Library, the Mixing palette, and other tools. These instructions are in Spanish with English subtitles available.
Watch this tutorial on YouTube:

Spring Oil Landscape Tutorial by Matthew Lewis

Digital artist Matthew Lewis focuses on the imitation of physical media techniques in the digital space, particularly oils and acrylics. In this tutorial, he paints a beautiful oil landscape inspired by the style of Michael James Smith.
Watch this tutorial on YouTube:

We hope you found lots of inspiration and tips you will try in your next painting. We encourage you to provide feedback in the comments below or under videos on YouTube to let us know which tutorial you found the most helpful.

Happy Painting,
Escape Motions Team

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