Announcing the Winners of 2021 Artwork Contest

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Over the past couple of weeks, artists from all around the world participated in our Artwork Contest. Thank you all for showing your talent by submitting great art pieces in our four categories. We have received 413 entries from 255 artists. We are honored to present the contest-winning contributions to the world of art.

The quality of the entries was very high and therefore, it was quite difficult to decide on the winners. We examined the work very carefully. We compared the color, composition, expression of the painting, anatomical accuracy, but mainly the overall originality and effect of the works. Our praises and congratulations extend to all winners! Let's take a look at our selection of the best art pieces in each category.

Portrait Category

1st Prize: Enzo Caden by Jadillo  The winning portrait fascinated us with the originality of the shape and color composition, the diversity of the painting, and the overall effect of the work. The portrayed boy is an almost vivid interpretation of the essence of the creator's interest in front of the painting canvas. Thanks for the experience!

2nd Prize: Joy by David Ocheda
A portrait of Joy, a girl with beautiful fiery red hair. Painted in a traditional Rembrand/Vermeer style. The portrait of a young lady excels in the beautiful dynamics of shapes and a very convincing expression of light composition. Her fleeting glance speaks to us through her hair gently fluttering in the breeze. Brilliant!

3rd Prize: Young and Free by Scott Bowlinger
The decisive and at the same time delicate painting from Scott Bowlinger led us to examine his convincing light composition and the overall realism of the work. This woman is portrayed beautifully!

Honorable Mention
Artwork by CedricYCS
Amanda by Georg Ireland
Magnolia by Carlo Molinari
Jimi by Toby
Sergey Razumovsky by Zlatokryletz
Dog by David Smith

Figurative Composition Category

1st Prize: The Last Unicorn by Philipp NeundorfThe winning artwork in this category invites us to a strange, a bit of a surreal encounter. The original shape composition and the characteristic color of the work brought us a unique experience. Congratulations to the winner!

2nd Prize: December by Carlo Molinari
Even a simple figure can be fascinating! Carlo, we sincerely thank you for the intensity of your expression and the creation of a nostalgic atmosphere with the help of simple painting means.

3rd Prize: Forest Guardian by Declan McDermott
In this painting, we had the opportunity to look into another, almost fairy-tale world. We appreciate the magical light and shape composition and the fun painting theme. What could the character be thinking about?

Honorable Mention
Chamois and cubs by Manuel Sosa
Winter Run by RafArt
Mechanical Origami by Kuzayova
Peeking In by Gretchen Deahl

Landscape Category

1st Prize: Cloudgazing by Tony Skeor This artwork beautifully captures the poetic atmosphere of a young couple's date. We see a convincing light composition using subtle details and humorous specialties of the realistic motive used in the sky of the image. Congratulations!

2nd Prize: Berchem’s Path by Nooitgedrylst
Artwork inspired by Dutch Italianate artists from the 17th century and coastal range landscapes of Central and Northern California. This dramatic painting really captivated us with its light and color composition, relaxed painting, and dynamics. Keep up the good work!

3rd Prize: After the Rain by Georg Ireland
Brilliant watercolor from Georg Ireland brings a delicate yet dynamic composition, fine work with light and color scale, as well as natural watercolor expression. A truly poetic landscape!

Honorable Mention
Somewhere in the Monster Mountains by Philipp Neundorf
Snowfallen by Felixaurus
Sunset on the River by Czaz
3 Boats by MamboBon

Abstract Category

1st Prize: Wilderness by Scott UmingaThe intertwining of shapes and spaces has drawn us into a fascinating work by Scott Uminga. The creative use of graphic means, a balanced composition and color scale, as well as the overall expressiveness of the work convinced us that this is the winner of the category. Wonderful work!

2nd Prize: Transition by Georg Ireland
The joy of painting and the desire to create is evident from this abstract composition. We award the artwork for a very natural painting expression, dynamic color, and light composition. Very spontaneous!

3rd Prize: Nature Texture by Carles
Our award definitely deserves an art experiment from Carles. We find a great variety of painting means, bold experimentation with the plasticity of textures, and a sensitive range of colors. Experiment further!

Honorable Mention
Waves by Cem Altibas
The Return of the B***** Supreme by Philipp Neundorf

You can find all winning artworks as well as the honorable mentions on our contest website.

Thank you, dear participants, for your wonderful submissions. We are looking forward to seeing more of your art in our Community Gallery and on social media. We hope to bring you another Artwork Contest soon.

Stay Creative!
Your Escape Motions Team

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