Art Month Challenge: Winners Announced

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Art Month has come to a close, marking the end of our much-anticipated Draw This In Your Style (DTIYS) challenge. We were thrilled to receive an overwhelming response, with over 260 submissions inspired by the prompts from six talented Rebelle artists. Today, we are delighted to unveil the grand prize winner and the category champions, all of whom will be among the first to receive Rebelle 7 Pro upon its release.

The Grand Prize Winner

Escape Motions is thrilled to select the Grand Prize Winner of the Art Month Challenge. Philipino artist Sieltiem deserves our recognition for the "There is no Planet B" artwork. Congratulations, Sieltiem, we hope you will enjoy working with Huion Kamvas 22 Plus and the new Rebelle 7 Pro. We thank Huion for their continuous support of aspiring talent during our art challenges.

Category Winners

Each of the six challenging Rebelle artists received a great amount of submissions to judge. After a thorough evaluation of each artwork, now, they are ready to present six winners, who will receive Rebelle 7 upon its release.

Jaguar by Lerge Lergert
Amidst the plethora of exceptional entries, one interpretation stood out. Bryan Sanchez, the gifted tattoo artist and educator, chose to award Rebelle 7 Pro to Lerge Lergert. He demonstrated outstanding skills, a keen eye for technique, and an exciting color palette in his rendition of Bryan's mesmerizing Jaguar painting. Visit Lerge's Instagram profile to see his other remarkable entries as well.


An Outer Space Woman by Joao Oliveira
Joao Oliveira brilliantly reimagined Daniel Ibanez's captivating artwork by adding a delightful twist—allowing the woman to take her canine companion off the leash and teach him some manners. A truly inventive and charming interpretation!


Cloud Castle by Monokromisa
Douglas Murakami's enchanting Cloud Castle painting inspired a multitude of imaginative recreations. Among them, Monokromisa's entry stood out for its exquisite artistry, thoughtful composition, and ability to capture the ethereal ambiance of the original piece. Well-deserved recognition indeed!


Golden Waterfall by Barbara Peonio
Karen Bonaker's challenge encouraged artists to infuse their style into her Golden Waterfall painting. Barbara Peonio emerged victorious, impressing us with a truly remarkable interpretation. Her artwork beautifully encapsulates the majesty of a waterfall, demonstrating exceptional talent and creativity.


Rebel Girl by Luna & Stefano
The spirited illustration of Rebel Girl by the talented Polish artist Kuzayova inspired a wave of rebellious creativity. Among the exceptional entries, Luna and Stefano's rendition captured the heart of Kuzayova. Congratulations!


Dragon by Ferci Cipriani
Despite the daunting challenge presented by Sifyro's dragon artwork, brave artists took up the mantle. Among them, Ferci emerged victorious with a painting that showcased exceptional character design, a captivating style, skillful use of colors, and a compelling composition. Truly a work of art!


Honorable Mentions

The seven rewarded artworks represent just a glimpse of the immense talent and creativity displayed during the DTIYS challenge. Let us present ten more artworks selected by Escape Motions that we believe deserve special recognition.

Rebel Girl by Majumni


Cloud Castle by Fedanya


Dragon by Valerio Russo


Cloud Castle by Peter Cheeseman


Golden Waterfall by Valerio Russo


Rebel Girl by Kamila Stankiewicz


Jaguar by Michelle Webb


Dragon by Lerge Lergert


Cloud Castle by Carles Carbonell Bernado


An Outer Space Woman by Mimel

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all participants who contributed to this challenge for making it a resounding success. Whether you re-created one artwork or several, your creativity and passion truly shone through.

We invite you to visit our Instagram profile, where you can scroll through an array of entries, each deserving of recognition.

Congratulations to all the winners! Your talent has made this Art Month unforgettable, and we look forward to more artsy adventures in the future.

Stay Creative,
Escape Motions Team


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