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Which painting medium is your favorite? Do you focus on just one or do you use them all? How about a little comparison? Dive in with Rebelle Featured Artist and talented illustrator, Kuzayova, as she compares brushes of five different media.

Rebelle 5 comes with more than 190 default brushes. With a powerful Brush Creator, there are countless options to tweak or customize these brushes or create your own. Let's take a deeper look on some of the default brushes with Polish illustrator Kuzayova. She is using a flower reference to compare Oil, Watercolor, Pencil, Pastel, and Marker options.

Oils and Acrylics
When painting with Oils, start with highly pigmented areas and add lots of texture. Once you are satisfied with the impasto amount, apply fine oily lines to finish the painting. Make sure to take advantage of Dirty Brush and Multicolor Brush options to achieve the best possible look. With more than 30 default Oil brushes and 5 brush modes, Rebelle offers endless brush options to explore.

Once you know how to navigate the water simulation in Rebelle, you can achieve great results within seconds and just a few brushstrokes. Choose the right brush, adjust the water amount and opacity, and watch the paint play on the canvas. Finish off with thin brush touches to shape your painting.
In case you are just beginning with Rebelle watercolors, make sure to watch our tutorial videos to learn how to take advantage of water diffusion.

When drawing with pencils, Kuzayova likes to use a 2B pencil. However, you can explore a variety of pencils, charcoals, and dry media like powder, lino, or textures. Rebelle pencils are not great just for sketching. You can achieve spectacular results using just this medium.

Pigments used in pastels are very similar to those used in oil paints. Pick up a pastel color of your choice and draw soft, almost buttery opaque strokes.

Choose a marker and apply thin transparent layers. Then transfer to Bullet Soft marker great for shading. In this case, Kuzayova chose quite an unusual white opaque marker for finishing touches. It just proves Rebelle provides a great opportunity to experiment at any stage of the painting process.

Get more insights from Kuzayova by watching a full brush comparison tutorial below:

We hope, this blog post encouraged you to explore more tools and brushes in Rebelle. If you are just starting with our software, you can find many helpful tips from various artists on our YouTube channel. If you are already a skilled Rebelle user, share your tricks with others by creating a tutorial of your own. We are always on a lookout for helpful advice on painting. 

Video tutorial and images provided by Rebelle Featured Artist Kuzayova.
Text for the blog workshop written by Escape Motions Team.

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