Claim Ownership of Your Artwork with Wacom Yuify in Rebelle

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Rebelle 7.2 introduces the integration of an innovative new digital rights management service Wacom Yuify. As of today, you can protect your digital artworks, prove authorship, and manage usage rights with just a few clicks directly through Rebelle.

In the ever-evolving world of digital art and with the rise of AI tools, protecting and claiming ownership of your creations has become more important than ever. As artists transition from traditional canvases to digital mediums, the question of how to safeguard their intellectual property remains critical. We are thrilled to announce that Rebelle is one of the first software to integrate Yuify to help claim ownership of your artwork. Our goal is to ensure that your creative efforts are recognized and protected in the digital space as soon as the image is exported from Rebelle.

What is Yuify?

Yuify [ ̍ʝuːi.fai] is a blockchain-based solution designed by Wacom to help artists and creators assert ownership of their digital works. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, Yuify provides a secure, tamper-proof method for registering and verifying the authenticity of digital art. This technology ensures that once your artwork is registered, it cannot be altered or duplicated without your consent, providing peace of mind and protecting your rights as a creator.

Wacom Yuify is a free service currently in its open beta stage available in the US, the European Union, plus the UK, Switzerland, and Norway, which works to protect paintings, photography, and other 2D artworks created in Rebelle 7, Adobe Photoshop, and Clip Studio Paint.

Why Use Yuify with Rebelle?

Rebelle is known for its realistic painting tools and intuitive interface, making it a favorite among digital artists. With Yuify, the vulnerability and unauthorized use and duplication of your digital artwork are significantly reduced. Here are just a few benefits this service offers:

Authenticate Your Work: Registering your artwork with Yuify provides a digital certificate of authenticity, proving that you are the original creator.

Protect Against Theft:
Blockchain technology ensures that your registered artwork cannot be easily copied or stolen.

How to Use Yuify with Rebelle

From now on, you can claim ownership of your artwork with a few clicks directly from Rebelle. Follow these steps to use Yuify in Rebelle:

Connect to Yuify: To begin to use the service, open Rebelle 7.2 (or later) and Go to File > Yuify > Connect to Yuify…. You will be forwarded to the Yuify website, where you can either log in with your existing Wacom ID or sign up to create an account.* The registration process is simple and requires basic information about you and your artwork, which you will be providing to Wacom. After creating an account, click on Connect Service to Rebelle. You can also connect your Yuify account to other software there.

* It is not required to own Wacom hardware to use the Yuify service.

Create Your Artwork in Rebelle:
Use Rebelle's wide range of tools and features to create your digital art. Once you are satisfied with your piece, proceed to exporting. 

Export Secured Image:
Export the secured image through File > Yuify > Export Secured Image, add the image description, and choose the file format. Currently, the service works for .jpg, .jpeg, and .png file formats. The artwork will be secured and exported shortly, containing a micro mark, which embeds invisible, unique digital ID into each piece of artwork.

Please note, that the Yuify service is still in the open beta stage and its use is limited to the US, European Union, UK, Switzerland, and Norway. You might be asked to confirm your country of residence during this step. To learn more about the data we collect, read our Privacy Policy.

Receive Your Digital Certificate:
Once your artwork is successfully uploaded and registered through Yuify, the service will issue a digital certificate of authenticity. This certificate will be stored securely on the blockchain, providing irrefutable proof of your ownership. You can find all your secured images in your profile on the Yuify website. You can also create projects, add permissions to use your work, or ask someone else for permission to use theirs.
Share and Sell with Confidence: With your artwork registered and protected, you can now share it on social media, art platforms, and with potential buyers with confidence. The digital certificate from Yuify serves as a guarantee of authenticity, adding value to your work.

Do you have any questions about the Wacom Yuify service? Visit the FAQ section on the Wacom website.

Find the Author with Yuifinder

Wacom Yuify allows a reverse search of the secured records of authorship and enables interested parties to trace an artwork back to the original creator. The public Yuifinder gives access to the information and details of a registered artwork provided and marked as public by the creator.*
* Wacom constantly improves the robustness of the technology during the beta phase


The integration of Wacom Yuify with Rebelle offers a powerful solution for digital artists looking to protect their creations. By registering your artwork with Yuify, you can ensure that your work remains secure, authentic, and valuable. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional artist, taking this extra step can make a significant difference in how your art is perceived and protected in the digital world.

Claim ownership of your digital masterpieces with Yuify in Rebelle, and take control of your creative destiny. Your art deserves to be protected.

Stay Creative,
Escape Motions Team


Learn more about Wacom Yuify:
Title image and video credits: Wacom

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