Escape Motions Proudly Sponsors Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize 2023

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We are excited to announce Rebelle's sponsorship of the Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize 2023. Learn more about Escape Motions' role in the Art Prize, the categories, and the ways to join the global competition with your artwork.

The Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize is an annual international art prize that celebrates diversity and excellence in the representational visual arts. It includes all static mediums including Traditional Art media, Digital Art media, and Photographic media; and all styles from realism and hyperrealism, to pop surrealism and lowbrow. Escape Motions is proud to join a group of prestigious sponsors and support the growing Digital Art Award category.

The Prize seeks to inspire creatives from around the world to pursue a life and career in the arts. It also helps to grow careers through funding and increased exposure of their work to galleries, collectors, and media globally.

You can submit your entry to the following categories: 
- Traditional Art Award
- Digital Art Award
- Photography Award
- Sculpture Award
- Emerging Artist Award

While most of the categories are self-explanatory, we would like to elaborate on the opportunities the Emerging Artist Award brings. This category is suitable for a person in the early stages of pursuing a career as a professional artist [within the first 5 years]. Practicing students are also welcome to enter. 

The competition opened on February 1, 2023. The entries are accepted until July 17, 2023. Find more information on how to enter the Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize website.

We encourage everyone to enter as the Beautiful Bizarre team prepared great prizes for the winners. Not only you can receive prize money and creative tools to help with the beginnings of your career, but your art also gets online exposure to over 1 million followers and a chance to exhibit at Haven Gallery in New York, USA.

The best of luck with your entries!
Escape Motions Team


Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize 2023:

Blog Images by:
Marcela Bolívar, 2nd Prize Digital Art Award Winner 2022
Juliet Nneka, 3rd Prize Digital Art Award Winner 2022
Nikolina Petolas, Honourable Mention

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