Escape Motions Unleashed in the Press

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A few days ago, we were tidying up our office. There were piles and piles of magazines, newspapers, leaflets…you can imagine. :) After a thorough selection, look at what a nice collection was smiling at us.


Good, isn’t it? We just must share this picture with you. 

We are endlessly honored that both Flame Painter and Amberlight continuously receive lots of visibility in the world press. 

There are features in the most iconic and every-CGfan-must-have print magazines like ImagineFX, Photoshop Creative, 3D Artist, Photoshop User, 3D World, CGW and many more. 

Moreover, more than 200 articles and mentions were written about our software on graphic design, IT and art-oriented websites from all around the world last year. 

This is a dream for every indie developer team like us….and we are living it!

It’s a great feeling to know that you guys care about what we are doing. We appreciate your continuous commitment very much.

P.S.: If you got to the end of this post, you’re lucky to know that something HUGE is coming up! Stay tuned. ;) 

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