Flame Painter 2.0: Born today.

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Dear friends, we are very happy today to announce a release of a new shiny Flame Painter 2.0. It has been long months of developing, testing, a lot of emotions, short days and long nights, and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.


What is new?

New user interface - We redesigned a whole interface, now it is very compact but flexible. With the new Full-screen mode you can move all the panels and tabs out of view, and focus only on the art. It is great for presentations or when you need only a clean canvas and your creative time.

Layers - There are an unlimited number of layers in Professional and three layers in the Personal version. You can rearrange them, duplicate, merge more layers into one, or if you don’t need a layer, remove it from the list.

Vector Layers - The big advantage of the Pro version is editable vector layers, so after painting a stroke you can edit its shape, rescale and rotate it, you can change all its parameters, or even pick a new brush preset and completely modify the stroke.

Brushes - In version 2.0 we did another revolutionary innovation which is unseen in any other program - all you need is choose the brush you like from the online Brushes Library and simply Drag & Drop Brush from the website to Flame Painter. Simple and intuitive.

Painting Modes - Now, we have three modes for painting - lighten, darken and normal. It took a lot of development to make a new Normal mode looks normal - and work together with the flame renderer because the math principles are very different. But we did it and it works beautifully.

Gradient Tools - It very easy to create new gradients now. Simply pick and modify colors from the preset library, or globally change hue, saturation and lightness for all colors in the gradient.

Antialiasing - We developed a new very fast and accurate Supersmooth Antialiasing (SSAA) to smooth jagged lines and heavy Moiré patterns. It is great especially for prints and professional digital media and we implemented it into the Pro version.

Bugs - Yes, because we like bugs, specially lady-bugs. :) There are so many new features, that it happens that some errors left in code, so don’t hesitate to write us, and we will fix them as soon as possible and make new updates more pleasurable for you.

These are some of the main features, but there are many more little updates and features, which makes painting a lot more creative and fun.

For example, do you know that you can Drag and Drop any picture from any website to Flame Painter, use it as a layer and paint over it? Cool huh? ;)

Flame Painter comes in two versions - The personal version is available for $29,99 and the Professional for $59,99. We sent a newsletter to Flame Painter 1.x users with promo codes, but if you haven’t received it (check your spam box :) ), please let us know at our support email.

We would like to continue in our innovative way and would like to implement continuously more features. Some of them may be common in other applications, but we have many other which are not seen in other painting programs. That’s why we love to work on Flame Painter - not only to have fun but to move graphic art forward.

We cannot wait to hear your feedback and experience. Enjoy and create your own art, share your paintings in the Gallery, and most importantly:

Stay creative!

Thank you,
Peter Blaskovic & The Flame Painter Team

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