Flame Painter 2.0: Layers Remastered

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In the last days, we have written about the new design, brushes, painting modes and gradients. This blog is about the layers and all the new possibilities with them.

Flame Painter 2.0 is coming in two versions: Personal and Professional.

In Personal you are able to add three separate layers. You can manipulate them in many ways; they can be rearranged, you can duplicate them, or if you need some space, you can collapse more layers into one. You can import pictures or photos, paint over it and remove any layers that you don’t need.

In the Professional version, you can additionally make an unlimited number of layers and you can also add editable Vector Layers. But.. what are the Vector Layers?

Vector Layers

I think that Vector Layers are huge. You can paint a flame stroke on a layer and after that - you can modify its color, gradient or opacity, but most importantly edit all brush parameters, change its detail and easily modify the stroke to the desired one. You can change its shape, rescale it, rotate it, or even pick a brush preset and completely modify the stroke, so you do not need to paint it all from the beginning every time. The best part is that you see the changes as you move the sliders, everything is changed immediately, and you just have to wait for a second to re-render a layer. For me, this feature is the best one. Seriously. No, not seriously - it’s really great fun.:)image

Editable Vector Layer - you can change all parameters after painting (Flame Painter 2 Pro)

Bounding Box Wheel

One thing I miss, in every vector or bitmap or 3D editor, is an advanced bounding box. One would say, what can be advanced on a bounding box? It can be rescaled or rotated and that’s it. You can resize it in X or Y axes in global or local coordinates and that is all that you can do. What I have always missed is that many times I need to rescale the object in another angle than in local or global coordinates. So I’ve invented the wheel. :) A bounding box wheel. (The regular wheel was invented a few years before the bounding box wheel). With this little wheel, you can rotate a bounding box in a direction you need and then rescale a curve or shape not only in local or global coordinates but in any coordinate on this planet!image

Advanced Bounding Box with the Bounding Box Wheel

The Flame Painter 2.0 has been made from the ground with a focus on intuitive use and features that help artists to enjoy creativity as much as possible. We hope you will like it.

All this will be available from 21st May, so do not forget to update and be among the first ones who can try this magic.

Thank you for your support and your feedback. It is really the fuel for our work.
Peter and The Flame Painter Team

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