Flame Painter 2.0: Summer Colors and Gradients

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In the last posts, we talked a little about design and new brush features. In this post, we will be taking a closer look at more features.

Color modes and gradients

In the first version, you could paint with “lighten” or “darken” mode. We always liked to watch how the colors are mixing, burning and creating new blended colors.

However, sometimes you would prefer to paint with the same color you choose. In the new version, we will all be satisfied and happy, because the “normal” mode is coming. Actually, the “normal” mode is the most used painting mode in every other painting application, but it was a serious achievement to get this mode together with the flame renderer because the math principles are very different.

Nevertheless, we did it and successfully added it to the new version. image

Lighten, Darken and Normal painting mode

Mixing the colors is the first step before starting each painting. With our new Palette Selector, this will be a breeze. Choosing colors will be a lot simpler than in the first version, you also can easily adjust, add or remove colors from your color preset library. image

We also redesigned the Gradient tool. It is a lot easier and faster to create new gradients than before. You simply pick and modify colors from the preset library, or globally change hue, saturation and lightness for all colors in the gradient. Then you can save it back to the library for later use.

We believe you will like these new features, and in the next session, we would like to compare the difference between the Personal and Professional versions.

Peter & The Flame Painter Team

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