Flame Painter 2.2 Update

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We have released an update with features you missed in Flame Painter and fixed many bugs you found in the last release:


- Image Tiling - finally back from v.1.7 :)
- Presentation borderless mode
- Image preview in file dialogs
- Move canvas also with the shortcut: Spacebar + LMB
- Convert vector layer to bitmap layer (pro edition)
- Eraser with a new “Step” slider
- show * in the title bar when the file has changed
- Progress bar for vector layer rendering (pro edition)
- Keyboard shortcuts for brush size “[”, “]”
- DPI info is saved in images
- Core code optimizations


- Fixed saving for large canvases
- Fixed undo for brush strokes
- Open FPA - correct layer opacity and order
- Layers opacity fix
- Fixed splash screen flickering on Win XP
- Fixed undo for the Fill tool
- SuperAA is default disabled for brushes from v.1.7
- many small bugfixes… :)

Enjoy painting and have a great day!
Flame Painter Team

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