Flame Painter 2.5 Free Update

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Right under your Christmas tree, we are bringing you free Flame Painter 2.5 update with new features and fixes:

  • full 64-bit application, which means that the canvas size depends only on your computer memory
  • new Blur and Glow effect filters. The top blog post picture is created with these effects. :)
  • new Basic Brush for simple strokes
  • infinite tiling (instead of only 2x canvas tiling)
  • one-click brush sharing in online Brush Library
  • show, hide and resize tool panels, you can see all brushes and gradients in a right panel 
  • larger file dialogs
  • swap Gradient colors with “Ctrl”/“Cmd” shortcut
  • zoom up to 800%
  • fixed darken layer blending mode
  • gray viewport background was sometimes not updated correctly
  • Windows - “Presentation mode” changed to “Show Main Menu”
  • Mac OS - fixed file dialogs, open/save combo-box did not work on some systems
You can update through our website, just register with your details.

Peter and the Escape Motions team

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