Flame Painter 3: Details That Matter

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In the previous blog posts, we presented you all the innovative features which will be available in the upcoming Flame Painter 3. In this blog we’d like to inform you about the pricing, changes in licensing and methods to upgrade.


Flame Painter 3 comes in two editions: Personal, which will be available for $29.99 and Professional for $89.99.

The personal edition has been improved over the current version and new features have been added as you can see in our latest blog posts. It is suitable for users who want to have a complete creative tool, but do not need or wish to have any special features and do not use Flame Painter for commercial projects.

The Professional edition has got more useful features for professional artists and more advanced users. This includes editable Vector Layers, Photoshop plugin, HiRes rendering, PSD import/export and can be used for commercial projects. This and more you get on top of the personal version.

We love to make a favorable deal for those, who supported us from the beginning, thus we are offering a permanent 50% discount to all users of Flame Painter 1 and 2.

What is more, we’d like to offer to all Flame Painter users a special discount for the first two weeks after the release 66% off the Personal and Pro edition (when upgrading the same edition). Flame Painter 2 Personal users can upgrade to Flame Painter 3 Professional edition with a 33% discount.

You can see the special two-week pricing below:


We also have a special offer for users who purchased Flame Painter 2 from March 1, 2014. To get the upgrade, you will pay just the price difference (the Personal edition is, therefore, free of charge and the Pro edition for $29.99). If you are a Flame Painter 2 Personal user thinking about upgrading to Pro, you’ll have an extra $10 off.


In case you miss the two-week special discount, don’t worry. The permanent 50% discount for Flame Painter users will ensure you version 3 for a fair price as well:



Personal license: Users of the Flame Painter may use the Software for non-commercial, or non-profit activities and may install the Software on multiple computers for personal use.

Professional license: Users of the Flame Painter may use the Software for commercial, or for-profit activities as well as for non-commercial, or non-profit activities. The Software may be installed on one computer that is for multiple users (e.g. studios, agencies, …). What changes is that Pro license may be installed also on multiple computers provided that those computers are solely for your own personal use (e.g. freelancers, artists, …).

How to Upgrade

Users who bought Flame Painter license from our website or Mac App Store will be able to upgrade directly from Flame Painter 2.5.6 menu: “Help” –> “Upgrade to 3.0” or through our Download page after entering the registration details.

Note: Users who bought Flame Painter 1 or 2 Personal on Mac App Store from March 1, 2014, please send us your iTunes receipt of the Flame Painter purchase with the visible purchase date. You’ll get a special discount as well.

On April 29, we will send out newsletters with the promo codes. Check your Inbox/Spam folder :-), so you won’t miss it!

With Flame Painter 3 we have made a huge step forward and are now preparing even more features for the upcoming 3.x updates, which all will be for free. We will also release a new Flame Painter Demo soon, so you can try the new features yourself.

The countdown begins!
Your Escape Motions Team

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