Flame Painter 3.0.5 Update

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Dear friends and all artists, from today you can update your Flame Painter 3 license to the new 3.0.5 version free of charge. You can update the PS plug-in to version 1.0.1 as well.

But first of all, let us THANK YOU ALL for your fantastic support and your great feedback on the third Flame Painter version. We need to admit that in this latest major release, we found more bugs than in any of our previous releases, mostly because we wanted to connect this version of Flame Painter with all major software and hardware which makes it more software and hardware dependent than any other version before. Direct connection with Photoshop, Copy-Paste to third-party applications, new layered PSD and SVG file formats, Wacom tablet and Leap Motion support - all of them are dependent on third-party apps and devices. Despite our beta testing, there are so many possible computer configurations, that it took us more time to find out all the specific issues. We believe that most of them are resolved now. A huge “Thanks” goes to all of you, especially for your patience.

Here are the main bug fixes and improvements we built into this update:

- Fixed Wacom tablet issues on Windows OS
- Fixed SVG export bug on some configurations
- Fixed Hi-Res renderer
- Fixed “Preferences -> Wacom -> Use pressure" switches
- File dialog shows thumbnails of .FPA files
- File dialog now correctly remembers the last opened directories
- "Collapse layers" skips invisible layers
- Drawing area was not visible on some systems (some OPEN GL cards had a problem with rendering)
- Layers panel works on Mac OS also with the system "Voice Over" activated (very rare bug :) )

Photoshop plug-in 1.0.1 update:

- Plug-in works with Photoshop CS5
- Fixed minor plug-in issues

What is more, the Hi-Res render dialog now shows the number of polygons when rendering a brushstroke. The same is for SVG export - the dialog shows the number of exported polygons. In the next version, we would like to add an approximate rendering time of a Hi-Res picture (in minutes, hours and years), so you can go for lunch meanwhile.

You can download the 3.0.5 update and PS plug-in 1.0.1 update directly from the application’s menu ("Help” –> “Update to 3.0.5”) or from our Download Page using your Flame Painter 3 registration.

We all hope you like this update - you are welcome to share your feedback with us. :)

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Your Escape Motions Team

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