Get a Free Rebelle With Xencelabs Tablet Bundle

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Unlock your creative potential with the ultimate digital painting experience! In a partnership with Xencelabs, we are excited to introduce a time-limited bundle offer. Get Rebelle 6 or Rebelle 6 Pro for FREE, when combined with Xencelabs Pen Tablets.

If you are torn between whether to enhance your artistic tools by upgrading your tablet or investing in cutting-edge painting software, do not look any further. Get a FREE Rebelle 6 license with the purchase of a Pen Tablet Small, or Rebelle 6 Pro with the purchase of a Pen Tablet Medium, Pen Tablet Medium Bundle, and Pen Tablet Medium Bundle SE! Visit the Xencelabs website to learn more about this offer:
The offer is valid from May 15 to June 30, 2023 (available globally, based on Xencelabs' shipping options)

We believe that combining Rebelle and Xencelabs tablets can greatly enhance your creative work, whether you're an experienced professional or just starting out in digital art. The carefully chosen materials on the tablet's surface provide the perfect amount of friction, resulting in a natural drawing experience that truly mimics traditional media. With Rebelle, not only does the paint look realistic, but the entire painting process feels authentic.

The tablets boast a slim design and lightweight construction, making them effortlessly portable. The pen offers exceptional pressure sensitivity and accuracy, further enhancing your artistic expression. Additionally, Xencelabs tablets feature programmable Quick Keys, allowing you to easily customize your workflow and improve efficiency.

For more detailed information on Rebelle's compatibility with Xencelabs devices, please visit our recent blog post here.


Escape Motions Team

Title Image Credits: Keith Field

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