Halloween Artwork Contest: The Winners

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This year's Halloween Artwork Contest is over and we are about to announce the WINNERS! But first, let us say how amazing your contest artworks are and how blown away we are by the number of entries. We thank each and every one of you who entered the contest and made this Halloween the spookiest time! 

Altogether 94 artists have entered the contest this Halloween time with 160 artworks. Choosing a winner was a tough task for us. So many of the artworks excelled in creativity and originality, skill and technique, and execution of the Halloween theme. That is why we decided that besides the first three prizes, we would also announce five honorable mentions of individual artworks as well as five honorable mentions for spooky series created by one author.


1st place: Boneface by Valence
Prize: $200 USD Amazon eGift card and $200 USD credit at Escape Motions shop

2nd place: Welcome to Halloween Village by nasilzang
Prize: $100 USD credit at Escape Motions shop

3rd place: Happy Halloween by Ploopie
"On Halloween night when the moon is high and all the children have gone to sleep the witches come out to collect all the leftover candy the children didn't take. This little witch got lucky and found a full bowl of candy at her first door, it was like it was served just for her. Before going back home she takes a moment and sits at the graveyard to inspect the candy and taste them. Normally she gets the candy no one likes but this year they were all good ones!"

Prize: $100 USD credit at Escape Motions shop

Honorable mentions for the individual artworks

Honorable mention: Mother and Daughters by Thil0
"On Halloween mother comes along with her pretty daughters…"

Honorable mention: Thieves by 10fuyu"They have their own motives for Halloween night."

Honorable mention: Awakening by Neoneater
"There is a beautiful old crypt near the town that I live in. I always imagine what it would be to go there at night."

Honorable mention created with Flame Painter: Mirror Mirror by zlatokryletz

Honorable mention created with Amberlight: Descent by JylArt

Honorable mentions for the series

Honorable mention: Spooky creatures series by martinwoodsart

Honorable mention: Spooky artcard series by MaryProki

Honorable mention: Vampire series by inkdote

Honorable mention: Monster heads series by goomi

Honorable mention: Dark theme series by Olivier

Congratulations to our winners! To see all of the contest entries, click here.

And that’s a wrap on our first Halloween Artwork Contest which we immensely enjoyed. Thank you to everyone who participated. Have the spookiest Halloween.

Boo to you from our crew!
Your Escape Motions Team

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