Introducing Rebelle Motion IO: Empowering Motion Artists with Cutting-Edge Scripting Tools

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We are thrilled to unveil a unique scripting tool specifically crafted for motion artists and visual effects studios. Step into the world where imagination knows no bounds and your wildest artistic visions are turning into reality.

Put Your Painting into Motion

Rebelle’s revolutionary watercolor simulation known for capturing the beauty and fluidity of real watercolors can now be transformed into animation, making each frame a living canvas. Whether you're designing breathtaking visual effects or crafting mesmerizing motion sequences, Rebelle Motion IO ensures your strokes are flawlessly realistic, pushing the boundaries of animation to the next level.

Straightforward Scripting Integration

We understand the importance of tool customization and its practical use. That's why this solution is built to receive commands from a simple JSON file. You have an opportunity to tailor the tool to your specific workflow, maximizing efficiency and accommodating needs for small or larger projects.

Import and Export with Ease

Motion IO facilitates the import and export of animation frames for 12 different data layers. Integrate your creations into your productions by exporting RGBA dry and wet layers, dry and wet impasto, water level, paper wetness, fluid velocity, selection mask, stencil mask, or reveal masks. Whether you're working on an independent project or contributing to a team effort, we're excited to witness the awe-inspiring projects you bring to life with this tool.

Case Study: What Happens When You Put Rebelle Motion IO Into Practice

Recently, we wrote on our blog about Rebelle’s special role in the production of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse movie. Sony Pictures Imageworks integrated Motion IO into their VFX pipeline with the goal to make the movie look as hand-drawn as possible. If you watched this movie, you could see a fantastic combination of 3D and 2D where Gwen’s world is painted with watercolors and changes according to her mood. You can notice Rebelle in many other scenes as well both for character and environmental FX. The villain Spot, who is made of paint and ink moves around and leaves ink droplets; while being constantly redrawn with natural media.

To find out more about Rebelle's integration in the Spider-Verse movie, visit these links:
- read our blog
- watch video at Sony's website Beyond The Screen
- read an interview about movie creation at VFX Voice 
- read an article about technical practices used for the movie at Befores and Afters

Join Rebelle Motion IO Community

We're committed to fostering a thriving community of passionate artists and visual effects enthusiasts. Share your insights, ask questions, or bounce your ideas off of other creative individuals. Visit our forum and join the discussion.

Get Started Today

Download Rebelle Motion IO as a separate application. For non-commercial use, you just need to register it with Escape Motions account and have Rebelle 6 Pro purchased or use a Trial version. Commercial use is allowed upon request.

To get started, download a package on the Motion IO website and review the documentation.


Escape Motions Team

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