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Do you love to create your art in Rebelle? It is time to share your painting process with the world! Record the time-lapse of your next painting and submit it as a challenge entry to win US $100! We are accepting entries until February 12, 2023.

After sucessful video challenges in 2022, we are excited to continue! Publish your Rebelle time-lapse video on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok and submit it to our challenge anytime over the period of the upcoming two weeks and be considered for a reward. The three best time-lapses will be rewarded with US $100 each! Winning videos will be promoted on Escape Motions' blog, social media channels, and newsletter, altogether reaching more than 100K artists.

Do you need inspiration for your next painting? These are some of the recent Rebelle time-lapses.

Entry Period: January 26 – February 12, 2023

We will announce the winners on Thursday, February 16, 2023, via a newsletter. Subscribe to find out who the winners are.

How to Submit Your Entry

Create a time-lapse video using Rebelle 6 or Rebelle 6 Pro. 

Publish the video on your YouTube channel, Instagram*, or TikTok, add tags #rebelle and @escapemotions. Please include the link to Rebelle's website in the video description. You may use an affiliate link as well, if you are our affiliate partner.

*When publishing on Instagram, invite @escapemotions as a collaborator of the post.

To submit your entry, fill out this form with details of your tutorial video and your contact information. We will use the contact information to reach out in case you are selected for a reward.

Entry Guidelines

  • Create a speed painting video using Rebelle 6 or Rebelle 6 Pro. 
  • Only videos that are newly published during the submission period will be eligible. Videos that have already been published cannot be accepted for the contest.
  • Make sure, you have the right to use the images, music, and any components of the video you enter the challenge with. Ensure that there are no third-party rights or the credits are properly listed and follow the regulations of the platform where you are posting to (YouTube, Instagram, TikTok). By submitting the entry, you confirm that you are fully responsible for your uploaded content.
  • You may use the Rebelle logo in the thumbnail of the video. Please note that use of the logo will have no impact on the judging of the submission.
  • When using our logos, please note that:
    You may not alter the logo in any way, including changing the aspect ratio or dimensions, altering the color, gradients, or patterns, cropping, or flipping the logo.
  • To submit your entry, fill out the form with your contact information and more details on the video. A registered Community account on Escape Motions website is a requirement for the submission.
  • If submitting more than one entry, each video needs to be submitted separately.
  • Winning entries will be announced via newsletter within 7 days from the submission period closing. The winners will be contacted via email.
  • The best time-lapse videos will be promoted on Escape Motions' blog, social media channels, and newsletter.
  • If winning the reward, the prize money will be transferred to a PayPal or bank account after issuing an invoice to Escape Motions. 
  • The content of all entries may be used by Escape Motions and its affiliates to promote Escape Motions products.

We are excited to see your painting process in Rebelle 6. Start working on your next painting and don't forget to set the time-lapse recording. Your art can inspire others!

We are accepting entries, please submit your video here.

Best of luck with your entry!
Escape Motions Team


Title image credits: Kamila Stankiewicz

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