New Type of Full-Color Papers and Canvases for Rebelle 5

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We are introducing the first three sets of full-color papers and canvases for Rebelle. Learn more about new type of papers, where you can use them and what is the difference between new full-color papers and regular papers known from previous versions.

Rebelle 5 introduces a new type of paper, which can be used to get an even more natural feeling while painting. These papers are created in full color so you can enjoy higher diversity, richness, and better detail of the paper. With new realistic Pigment color mixing, they look really incredible!

In addition to full-color Hemp paper, available in a default paper set of version 5, we are offering six new handmade expressive papers and three canvases!

New Canvases

We have taken the realism of painting canvases to a new level. The linen canvases in this set not only allow the natural contact of the paintbrush and the paint with the surface but also bring new joy to your eye. When zoomed in, you can see a subtle play of color shades up to the depth of the fibers. They respond beautifully to oil paint, acrylics and watercolors and can be an inspiration for lovers of combined techniques.

Canvas Set 3 contains three full-color linen canvases.

Exotic Smooth Papers

This paper set contains exotic materials like Yucca, Japanese Kozo or Himalayan Lokta. The texture is so soft that you will see tiny colored fragments and impurities in the material. A subtle hint of Lokta gloss will add life to your works. These full-colored papers emphasize the beauty of ink and watercolor painting and are a suitable basis for drawing with pencil and charcoal.

Exotic Smooth paper set contains 1x Yucca, 1x Japanese Kozo, 1x Himalayan Lokta full-color paper

Exotic Rough Papers

Have you ever tried to paint on banana tree paper? If not, now is your chance! Banana tree paper with adjustable thickness and color is accompanied by thickly chopped Yucca fiber paper and a noble but expressive Lokta paper. Try these expressive handmade papers in new Exotic Rough full-color paper set. Watch your watercolors come to life, or let the pencils, pastels, and inks showcase their full beauty.

Exotic Rough paper set contains 1x Banana tree, 1x thick Yucca fiber, 1x expressive Lokta full-color paper

How Are the Papers for Rebelle Created

The ultra-realistic papers, canvases, and lithography stones are an absolute gem. When creating these assets, we look for a suitable contrast in texture to capture the characteristics of the fibers, which create a unique structure every time. Papers and canvases are not a simple copy of reality. They are new textured images created with respect to the original pattern and behave realistically like real paper while painting in Rebelle.

All paper sets are on sale now! Buy new full-color papers  and canvases for US $11.99 each or choose from more than 30 unique paper sets for US $7.99 each. Full-color papers and canvases are compatible with version 5.0 and newer. Every set contains three different papers, canvases, or lithography stones. 

Enjoy many creative moments with the new assets!
Your Escape Motions Team


Papers, canvases, and lithography stones are exclusive assets for Rebelle software. They were created by Lubomir Zabadal, an expert for traditional art media and assistant professor at UKF University, Slovakia.

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