New Rebelle 1.4 update is out!

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We are releasing a new update with many changes and fixes, just in time for Rebelle’s first birthday. The result is an even smoother, faster and more enjoyable painting.


We spent the last couple of months perfecting the app and fixing malicious bugs (mostly on Mac OS) to bring you a powerful update. We also did a lot of inevitable changes in the application’s core. Although these changes are not directly visible to users, they significantly improve the painting process. 

What is new?


- smoother painting
- stronger Eraser, better for small sizes
- faster painting for large canvases
- more intuitive numbers editing with mouse movement
- zoom scale 1 - 2000%
- changes in New file dialog
- paint structure is visible when painting diagonal lines
- stable show / hide all panels with Tab
- possible to pick a color from the locked layer
- less undo memory used when painting
- it is not possible to remove the locked layer
- numeric keyboard shortcuts available


- fixed threshold when picking a color from the palette with a pen
- fixed canvas scaling when rotating the tablet
- paper visibility save fixed
- blending modes save fixed
- undo behavior fixed
- fixed layer selection in the Layers panel when using a pressure pen
- fixed painting with a mouse on Mac OS
- fixed paint lagging on Mac OS
- fixed file dialog on Mac OS
- many more bug-fixes

You can download the update from our Download page. The update is free for all existing Rebelle users. Find out more about Rebelle on our website: or try a free Demo.

Enjoy the update and let us know how you like it or share your artwork with us. We cannot wait for your feedback on the new version.

Thanks for all your support!
Your Escape Motions Team

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