New Rough and Cold Pressed Rebelle Papers Available

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We are excited to announce two new additions to our selection of Rebelle papers. The paper sets are based on their real-world equivalents used by traditional artists. We believe new rough and cold-pressed papers will allow you to experiment with wet and dry media and explore the limitless creative possibilities while painting in Rebelle.

Rough Expressive - Coarse & Bumpy Papers

Rough papers belong to the most popular surfaces by watercolor artists. They are ideal for expressive painting and drawing. In our new set, you can change the beautiful regular crunch and irregular roughness of the paper texture. If you are a brave experimenter, try making a watercolor stain or line with charcoal or pencil using our new Rough, Bumpy, and Craggy papers.

Cold-Pressed Combined - Asian-European Texture

The new set of Cold Pressed papers was created as an experiment with surface textures. The combination of long Asian fibers and pulp pumped to various types of European paper molds has created a unique combination that makes the nuances of wet and dry techniques stand out. Gently moisten the paper and make a stroke with a pen or brush!

How Are the Papers for Rebelle Created

The ultra-realistic papers are an absolute gem. When creating papers, we look for a suitable contrast in texture to capture the characteristics of the fibers, which creates a unique paper structure every time. Papers are not a simple copy of reality. They are new textured images created with respect to the original pattern and behave realistically like real paper while painting in the Rebelle.

The new, as well as the rest of the paper sets, are available from our website for $9.99 USD each. Every set contains three different papers, canvases, or lithography stones. Buy 10 and more paper sets and get a 10% discount. 

Enjoy many creative moments with these paper additions! :)
Your Escape Motions Team


These papers are exclusive assets for Rebelle software (version 3.0 and newer). They were created by Lubomir Zabadal, an expert for traditional art media and assistant professor at UKF University, Slovakia.

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