New Year’s Resolution: Joining Art Contest in 2019

Wed, 27 Feb 2019 12:58:37 +0100


What are your new year’s resolutions as an artist this year? Learn to paint better? Dedicate more time for painting? What about joining an art competition? Participating in the competition will give you a chance to promote your talent to key industry professionals, gain the attention of potential clients or consolidate your artistic self-confidence. Don’t be afraid to get your artwork spotlighted in any of the upcoming or ongoing contests! You will see, it does not hurt ☺ In this blog, we’ve handpicked digital contests of 2019 for artists of all levels and focus.

The Rookies

The Rookie Awards is a premium contest where young creatives from around the world showcase their work to the panel of judges and compete for prizes, jobs, and scholarships. It is open to young creatives in film, animation, games, virtual reality, motion graphics, and 3D visualization. Entrants receive an official industry ranking, become confident in presenting their work and can see how their skills compare with other students.

The Rookie Awards is open to all aspiring young artists. If you are trying to break into the creative media and entertainment industry, you are eligible. Students and self-taught artists are allowed to enter their work, however absolutely no professional industry work is allowed.

This year submissions open on March 7th - eligible entrants are asked to create an entry page and upload their best work for the judges to review until the deadline, May 31st.

Check out all the very best entry pages to The Rookies and get inspired:

Applied Arts Design Awards 2019

The contest is open to all forms of commissioned published, unpublished and personal work from professionals and enthusiasts created between March 2018 and March 2019. For the Design Awards 2019, entries can be submitted in twelve main categories, including Digital, Motion, Packaging or Promotional Design. There is also a Young Blood category open to entrants who have been out of school for five years or less. Applied Arts contests are judged by panels of highly regarded industry professionals and experts in a rigorous process.


Winners’ work will be published in one of the corresponding Awards Annuals, online in their Online Winner’s Gallery and Awards Archive, a personalized, Awards certificate for every winning entry signed by the noted designer, Georges Haroutiun, the Founder of Applied Arts. Their work will also be displayed at related Applied Arts events attended by our network of creative professionals.

Entry fees start at $60 CAD.

View the winning artworks from previous years:

More information at

CGTrader Digital Art Competition

Held by CGTrader, a marketplace for 3D models, the CGTrader Digital Art Competition is calling all computer graphic artists (both 2D and 3D) every year to submit their best artwork. Competition has the following six categories:

- Character Illustration,
- Environment Illustration,
- Object Design,
- Character Concept Art,
- Environment Concept Art,
- Object Concept Design.


Winner of the 3rd place in Environment Illustration Category: From Here I Can Almost See The Stars by Christian Hecker.

Participants are invited to upload up to three works to each of the available two groups (Illustrations or Concept Design) with Character, Environment and Object categories. All artworks will also have the chance to win the Public Award. Artworks do not have to be created exclusively for the competition.

The submissions are expected to open at the beginning of March 2019. By that time get inspired by the winning artwork from last year in this blog post. There is no entry fee required.

More information at

Artists Magazine Annual Art Competition

Artists Magazine’s Annual Art Competition celebrates 2D artistic mediums such as painting, drawing, mixed media, printmaking, digital art, and much more. Winners will be chosen from a variety of categories including Portrait/Figure, Still Life, Landscape, Abstract, and Animal/Wildlife. 


Along with generous cash prizes, this contest provides a huge opportunity to gain exposure - all winners’ work will be featured in the December 2019 issue of Artists Magazine, one of the most influential magazines for artists. The competition is open to artists anywhere in the world, including students, who are at least 16 years old. Media includes digital art but also traditional media such as oil, pastel, watercolor, acrylic, and others.

The Early Bird Deadline is April 2nd, entry fee starts at $35 for the professional category and $15 for the students category. The final deadline is set to May 1st, 2019. 

More information at

3x3 International Illustration Show

3x3 is the first publication devoted entirely to the art of contemporary illustration, published in the United States and distributed worldwide. Their contest called Illustration Show is open to all illustrators, art directors, graphic designers, educators, students, recent graduates, editors, publishers in all countries for commissioned and non-commissioned work produced and/or published prior to the show deadline of March 22, 2019.


There are many categories you can enter, including Advertising, Animation
Books & Covers, Comics, Cartoons. See the full list of categories here.

Best of Show winners receive a $1,500 cash prize in US dollars. All Gold medal winners receive a $750 cash-value prize. The cash-value prize includes two free pages in the 2019 3x3 Illustration Directory sent to 6,000 art directors in the US.

The Entry Fee starts at $15 for the student category and $35 for the professional categories.

More information at

Golden Turtle 2019

The Golden Turtle Festival is the largest international eco-educational project, bringing together photographers, designers, and artists celebrating the beauty of the wildlife. For photographers, artists and designers from all over the world, the winners of which are exhibited at the Wildlife Festival in Moscow.

There are three main categories you may enter:

- Photo - International wildlife photography competition carried out in 9 sub-categories
- ECO-Posters - Competition of design projects for nature conducted in 3 sub-categories
- Art - International art contest dedicated to the wildlife carried out in 4 sub-categories: 
Graphic art: The portrait of the animal, 
Graphic art: Animals in the wild, 
Painting: The portrait of the animal and, 
Painting. Animals in the wild.


Winner of Art category: Painting - Animals in the wild, Natural Selection by Maxim Afanasyev.

Submitted works have to depict any wild animal in close-up, successfully imaging the animal’s character and soul through its emotions, eyes expressions, pose or pace. The entries will be judged by a professional jury - photographers, designers, and artists who are experts in the respective categories.

Anyone from any country may submit his/her works to participate. The competition winners will obtain a cash prize of one thousand US dollars (USD 1,000). The laureates who win the second and the third places in their nomination will obtain valuable prizes and gifts from the Festival sponsors and partners.

The deadline for entries is May 31st, 2019.

Discover the best works from previous competitions in the Art category here.

More information at

The Biennial of the Poster Bolivia BICeBé®

If you are into poster design, this competition is for you. The Biennial of the Poster Bolivia BICeBé® is the most important international event of design and visual arts in Bolivia and the Southern Cone. More than 15,000 student and professional designers have participated in the activities and more than 76 countries around the world have been part of the exhibitions, making the BICeBé a truly global celebration of design. 


The competition is open to design students, graphic designers, plastic artists, photographers and graphic producers in general, of any age and nationality. There are five categories:

• Published works
Category A - Cultural posters
Category B - Social posters
Category C - Advertising or commercial posters

• Unpublished works
Category D - unpublished posters on the topic: The Era Of Disinformation
Category E - unpublished animated GIF on the topic: Women’s Empowerment

Posters will be evaluated and selected by a Selection Committee formed by distinguished designers, artists, illustrators and curators designated by the BICeBé. The entry is free. The Best Bolivian Poster of all categories receives the money prize of US$ 1,000.

The deadline is March 8st, 2019. The official announcement of selected posters will be on Monday, April 22nd, 2019 on the official website and social networks.

Good luck! :)
Your Escape Motions Team

Image Courtesy: Steve Johnson |

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