October Art Month Challenge – Draw This In Your Style

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Art Month has arrived, bringing various captivating art challenges! We are thrilled to unveil an exciting art challenge, crafted in partnership with the skilled Rebelle artists and the renowned drawing tablet manufacturer, Huion. It's the perfect opportunity to dedicate some time to practicing your art skills and refining your unique style. Whether you are just a beginning artist or an experienced painter, our Art Month Challenge is open to all, inviting everyone to participate on Instagram.

Draw This In Your Style

Six seasoned Rebelle artists accepted our challenge to express themselves with a theme "Rebelle" and now they are challenging you to take their rebellious art even further. Look at their artwork and "Draw This In Your Style". Here are the six challenge paintings you can draw during our Art Month Challenge:

Bryan Sanchez, a well-known watercolor tattoo artist, muralist, and educator from Colombia challenges you to take his painting of a jaguar and do this in your style.

Daniel Ibanez, an author of the recent Rebelle Master Series and an art educator from Colorado, USA known for the portraits with a traditional feel, challenges you to take this rebellious artwork for a spin.

Another painting for the challenge comes from Brazilian concept artist and illustrator, Douglas Murakami. As a digital artist with no traditional background, he is always intrigued to take a chance and practice various painting techniques. Douglas calls you to join his imagination and put fantasy elements into a field landscape painting. This time, he chose cloud castles.

Karen Bonaker belongs to one of those artists, who pioneered digital painting education. The owner of Digital Art Academy and an avid Rebelle user calls you to join the challenge and draw her Golden Waterfall in your style. Whether you will use the same media or colors, or come up with your custom brushes and color palette, is solely up to you.

You might know Kuzayova’s beautiful watercolor illustrations from multiple Rebelle covers. She is challenging you to create this Rebel Girl in your style. Whether you will stick with the gouache, watercolors, or choose a different paint medium, we hope you will have fun.

Sifyro, an artist known for her colorful Pokemon and dragon art, challenges all to dive into the fantasy world and improve their illustration skills. She created a rebellious dragon that is waiting for you to take a spin on it.

Winners Get Rebelle 7 Pro

You read it correctly! Join the challenge and be the first one to win Rebelle 7 Pro upon its release. Rebelle artists (mentioned above) challenge you to draw their paintings in your style. Each artist will choose one winner from the entries recreating their painting to receive the next Rebelle version. If you draw all prompts, your chance of winning only multiplies.

Grand Prize: Huion Kamvas 22 Plus

Besides the winners chosen by artists providing the DTIYS prompts, Escape Motions will choose one Grand Prize winner from all Instagram entries, who will receive Huion Kamvas 22 Plus with its original Huion Keydial mini K20 and Rebelle 7 Pro upon its release. We thank Huion for their generous sponsorship of this challenge.

Win a professional display Huion Kamvas 22 Plus with quantum-dot technology, accompanied by a digital pen PW517 with a lowered magnetic core, making its pen nib more stable, bringing a better drawing experience. In addition to the Pen Display, the winner will receive Huion Keydial mini, which combines 18 keys with a dial controller. It can be used as an ordinary one-handed keyboard by setting up functions for each key, and a shortcut remote.
*The prize can be shipped worldwide, except for war-torn areas. Huion will cover the shipping cost for prizes and the winner may need to bear the customs fee.

How To Join This Challenge

Each of the six Rebelle artists prepared an artwork following the theme "Rebelle". Visit their Instagram profiles and choose which artwork you want to "Draw In Your Style". If you wish, you can draw all of them. Below are the general rules you should follow. Check the exact rules on their profiles, as some may have allowed entries through multiple social platforms.

We encourage you to post each entry on Instagram, even though some artists may allow multiple platform entries. The Grand Prize winner will be chosen only from Instagram entries.

General Rules of the Challenge

- Post your DTIYS (Draw This In Your Style) artwork on Instagram while using these hashtags: #dtiys #artmonth #escapemotions #rebelle
- Include the original artwork in the post on the second position
- Tag and follow the challenging artist’s profile and @escapemotions
- It is not necessary to use Rebelle software. We accept entries finished in any digital painting software. If you decide to use Rebelle, you can use Trial or Full version.
- The entries are accepted by October 31, 2023, 11:59 PM Pacific Time. The winners will be announced by November 10, 2023.
- The Grand Prize winner will be selected only from entries on Instagram.

The challenge is on and we hope you are ready to join! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below or via email at [email protected]. We are looking forward to seeing all your paintings throughout the Art Month. Invite your artsy friends to join as well and have fun practicing your art skills and style together.

Happy Painting,
Escape Motions Team

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