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It is our pleasure to announce the great success of our software Flame Painter in an internationally recognized competition Hermes Creative Awards 2020. Following Platinum Award for Rebelle and Gold Award for Amberlight from 2016, Flame Painter is our third award-winning software recognized by the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals (AMCP), which we are very excited about.

Hermes Creative Awards, within more than 25 years of experience and hundreds of thousands of evaluated entries, became one of the largest and most recognized creative competitions in the world. The wings statuette of ancient Greek messenger recognizes messengers of the modern creative and digital platforms.

We believe Flame Painter is also a messenger bringing innovation to its field. This digital painting software offers life-like particle brushes allowing anyone interested to enhance their artwork with visual effects that will stand out.
The software received the Platinum Award in the category Application Software / Innovation / Computer Graphics. Only about 15% of all entries in multiple categories accomplished this, therefore our team is very proud to share this success with all of you interested.

Thank you for your long-lasting support and feedback that drives our team to improve and create new software to help you shine in digital artwork.

Escape Motions Team

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