Rebelle 4: New Brushes & Brush Creator

Thu, 10 Dec 2020 15:14:02 +0100

Digital painting has never been more exciting! The forthcoming Rebelle 4 will get your creative juices flowing - the new oil tool, enhanced acrylics, enormous possibilities for working with watercolors, powerful optimizations - that all is coming soon in one of the most expected releases of this year. Hold on to your styluses, we're bringing more! 
In the next lines, we are introducing amazing new brushes and their customization options, taking a deeper look at Brush Creator and its exciting additions, and finally, a new tool for sharing brushes with the Rebelle community is revealed.

Amazing New Brushes and Individual Customization

Peter Blaškovič, together with Ľubomír Zabadal, an expert for traditional art media and assistant professor at UKF University in Slovakia, tested many different real-world tools and brushes and created a lot of sketches to bring you a great selection of new brushes for each tool. The new version comes with more than a hundred brushes to choose from and helps you create not only the most realistic looking digital paintings but also a satisfactory feeling while drawing and painting.

In addition to the default brushes that come with the software, Rebelle now allows its individual customization. You can create a new or duplicate an existing brush, set the perfect size, amount of paint and water, and save it as your favorite brush for future usage. If you are not satisfied with the changes, you can always come back and reset it to the default settings in the Properties Panel. To make it visually easier to choose a suitable brush, we included a preview of saved volumes directly in the brush icon.

Besides the individual customization of the brush, multiple features have been implemented to Brush Creator. Not only this allowed us to make all these realistic brushes, but they also give an opportunity for all creative souls, who like to experiment with brushes, create new presets or simply tweak the existing ones.

Brush Creator - Shapes and Grains

We are introducing an option to use up to four different shapes and grains per each brush, which allows a great number of combinations for you to create in one brush stroke. You can choose from an image library of different shapes and grains, or import new ones and update the library without restarting the application.

If you have more shapes in the brush preset, the new version provides four different options to determine the order of shapes in the brush stroke. Sequential order switches shapes regularly and in the same order. If you need randomness between shapes, the random option is great for it. You can decide on what ratio the adjustment happens. For shapes to change with certain pressure applied, choose the pen pressure option, and set the image sequence as you like. The last option allows you to determine what shape will be used if you tilt the pen to the right or left from the stroke trajectory.

We believe, everyone who loves to create their own brushes will enjoy the discovery of endless possibilities by experimenting with all these variations.

Tiled Textures and Texture Smoothing

We are introducing an exciting new feature in Brush Creator for those, who love to create textures and use different patterns in their painting. In Rebelle 4 artists can create brushes with different tiled structures and halftone textures.

Pen Tip-tilt

As the majority of new digital tablets for painting comes with Tilt functionality, we have decided to support this option in Rebelle 4, as well. Everyone can adjust the wideness of the line with a Tip-tilt in Brush Creator. This tool is excellent for small brushes like a pencil or pastel, wherewith the use of a tilted pen tip you can fill more space with one stroke. This can be greatly used for the shading technique. We recommend trying this with a great selection of new pencils.

More additions to Brush Creator

In the new version, we are adding the Glaze option to Brush Creator, which limits the maximum opacity a shape can reach while painting. Glazing can be added to any brush, besides those used with oils and acrylics.

On the other hand, for those painting with oils and acrylics, the thickness of paint in the brush preset can be customized in the new version.

Brush Sharing

The new version not only allows individual customization of each brush preset, but it also gives an opportunity to share brushes between the users. We are coming up with this exclusive chance to contribute your favorite brush or a whole group of brushes to Rebelle’s painting community and allowing everyone to use these assets in their paintings.
Sharing new brushes has never been easier. Do so directly from Brush Panel, write a short description about the brush, and share it with others. All shared assets will be available on the Community website. Browse favorite brushes of other users and if you like those, just simply drag & drop them to the application.


Rebelle 4 is coming soon and it will be available for the full price - $89.99. All existing owners of  Rebelle 3 are eligible for a 50% discount - the regular upgrade price will be $44.99. All users who purchased Rebelle 3 from October 15th, 2020 will be eligible for a free upgrade.

If you want to give Rebelle a try, you should! Buying Rebelle 3 now will secure you a free upgrade to Rebelle 4.

Upgrading is optional and the upgrade discount will be available until the next major release. You can continue using your actual Rebelle version for as long as you like.

What is the most exciting feature introduced today?  Drop us a comment, share the exciting news of Rebelle 4 coming with fellow artists, and stay tuned for more features to be introduced in the next blog.

Keep it creative!

Your Escape Motions Team

Image courtesy: Kyle Lee |



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