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We continue improving Rebelle 4 step-by-step through a series of minor updates that include crucial fixes and some minor changes. Since the release, we have already released four with the 4.0.4 update being the latest. In this blog, you will find what has been improved for the past month.

Rebelle 4.0.1:

Bug fixes
- Several crashes are fixed.
- Fixed "Blend" and "Paint & Blend" brush mode produced rainbow colors.
- Fixed pen pressure smoothing.
- Fixed open and save DPI in JPG and PNG file formats.
- Fixed blinking crosshair cursor outside the canvas.
- "Clear Layer" button can be enabled in Preferences > General > Add "Clear Layer" button to the Layers panel.
- Fixed UI text - oils and acrylics have "Loading" instead of the "Opacity" slider.
- Fixed minor UI issues.

- Transformed selection is now placed into the original layer instead of creating a new one.
- Added new keyboard shortcuts for "Dirty Brush", "Reset Brush Changes", "Save Brush Changes as Default", "Save as New Preset", and "Transparent / Semi-Opaque / Opaque" color mixing mode.

Rebelle 4.0.2:

Bug fixes
- Several crashes are fixed.
- Fixed several GUI bugs with tooltips, shortcuts, and buttons.
- Fixed high CPU usage when idle.

Rebelle 4.0.3:

Bug fixes
- Several crashes are fixed (e.g. when closing Rebelle on macOS).
- When renaming group (brushes, papers, stencil), the order of items was changed.

Rebelle 4.0.4 (the latest):

Bug fixes
- Eraser is correctly influenced by the paper structure.
- Fixed issue with wobbly cursor rotation.
- Fixed double dots with the 'Ink device' tablets.
- Fixed dots incorrect rotation.
- Fixed saving files on network drives.
- Fixed the issue when the "Show Wet" permanently colored in the layer.
- Pulled String repainted correctly.
- Smoother brush size change with Ctrl + mouse drag.
- More crashes are fixed.

- Added cursors while changing brush size and opacity with Ctrl + mouse drag.

Go ahead and download the latest update from your Community profile. You can access the download links to the update also from within Rebelle 4, just go to the menu Help > Update to 4.0.4. This update is free for all Rebelle 4 users.

Happy painting!
Your Escape Motions Team

Image Courtesy: Rana Dias |

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