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Rebelle 5 is coming soon! Besides the amazingly realistic Pigments and state-of-the-art NanoPixel super-size technology, there are more powerful features you will be able to experience in the new version. Let's break some of them in today's blog.

Watercolors Granulation

One of the most fascinating characteristics of watercolor is the amazing textures it can produce. Today we’re going to speak about one of many traits that adds incredible texture - granulation. Granulation is formed when working with granulated pigments, the pigment settles out of the binder and water in a wash into the valleys of textured watercolor paper. We made the same exact thing possible in Rebelle 5 as granulation has been one of the top features watercolor artists have been longing for. You will be able to create similar textured look and add beautiful life-like granulation effects for your watercolor strokes. Granulation will slowly reveal when the painting is drying. This will surely make your Rebelle paintings feel livelier than ever and what's best, it works universally with each colors on every paper in Rebelle.

Watercolors with granulation on the left vs. without granulation on the right

New Tool: Express Oils

Rebelle 5 will feature a new paint tool based on oils called Express Oils. It is aimed for fast sketching, concept design, to prepare underlying painting, or when you need to quickly cover large areas. It uses all features available in Oils and Acrylics, the difference is that it uses the paint with only one color and there is no thickness of the paint. Express Oils can be used for glazing too! 

Amazing Express Oils will step up your art game to the next level

Improved Oils & Acrylics

To make digital oils and acrylics even more realistic, we've improved the way they behave in Rebelle 5. The brush strokes do not layer on top of each other and make thick layers of paint but paint more „through each other“ which makes the painting still thick, but much more controllable.

Another change Rebelle 5 will introduce is one tool slot for Oils with Acrylics since in the digital world there are not too many differences between them and the merge seemed like a logical step. We have also created amazing new oil and acrylic brush presets to broaden the possibilities of your creative work.

Examples of oils on new full-colored papers and canvases. Painted with Rebelle pigments

MultiColored & Dirty Brush

A new option has been added to the Properties panel for the Oil & Acrylic tool - MultiColored brush. By using the shortcut "Alt" to pick a color or "X" (Mix color) you will be able to pick more than one color from the canvas or color set onto the brush tip using several clicks, and paint with colors based on your choice. The beginning of a multicolored brush stroke consists of all the picked colors, then the colors are mixed to a color which is an average value of these colors.

Load multiple colors onto the brush to create color variety in your strokes

In the Dirty brush mode the color you finish your previous stroke with will be loaded on to the brush tip at the beginning of your next stroke. What's more, when the brush is in Blend mode you can 'load' the colors from the canvas without making an additional mark - then switch to any Paint mode and you are going to paint with the loaded color.

With "Dirty Brush" the mixed color remains on the brush

Life-like Mixing Palette

Rebelle 5 will make another user-requested feature a reality. Meet the real-life mixing palette! This new feature will make all artists with a traditional background delighted. From Rebelle 5 you will be able to put your colors on a separate mixing palette panel and mix them together before putting them onto the canvas. If you use for painting color Pigments, the color in the palette will be mixed according to selected pigments (Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium Red, Prussian Blue, etc.).

Full-colored Papers

In the next version, we'll introduce a new type of papers, which can be used to get an even more natural feeling while painting. These papers are created in full color so you can enjoy higher diversity, richness, and better detail of the paper. With new realistic Pigment color mixing, they look really incredible!

New full-colored Hemp paper will be available in a default paper set, more will be available for purchase as add-ons.

Examples of new full-colored papers

The rollout of the new features is not finished yet! Stay tuned for more announcements coming soon. You can honestly expect some good news in terms of user-suggested features.

Oh, and do not miss the brand-new NanoPixel video we've uploaded today!

Rebelle 5 is coming in two editions - Standard and Pro. All existing owners of Rebelle 4 are eligible for a 50% upgrade discount. All users who purchased Rebelle 4 from October 15th, 2021 until the release of Rebelle 5 will be eligible for a free upgrade to Rebelle 5 Standard. More information about the differences between Standard and Pro as well as the pricing will be revealed soon.

Stay creative!
Escape Motions Team


Image Credits: Featured Artist Steve Goad | @stevegoadart

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