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Over the course of the past month we have released six minor updates to Rebelle 5 with many bug fixes and changes, version 5.0.6 being the most recent one. The update is available for download from your Community profile or directly from the software and is free for all Rebelle 5 users. 

First of all, we are sorry for the issues which came up after the official release of Rebelle 5 in December. Although we had a beta testing phase before the release, not all issues were discovered then. Here is a brief technical explanation of a few major issues:

  • OpenGL related crashes: For the new NanoPixel feature we started using OpenGL and found out there are many different implementations of OpenGL drivers, and we had to add a proper check to make sure OpenGL works properly before we started using it.
  • Lagging after strokes (most noticeable with multiple short strokes): This was a piece of unoptimized code that had been left unattended while we searched for another bug.
  • Slower painting speed on CPUs with AVX2: Due to the technical issues outside our hands, we were not able to compile Rebelle 5 for the AVX2 instruction set before the official release, so if your CPU supports AVX2, Rebelle 5 used only the slower SSE41 instruction set. The 5.0.6 update finally uses AVX2, allowing you to paint with less lag.

Please find the change list of all recent updates below:

Rebelle 5.0.6:

- Works on systems with SSE4.1 or AVX2 instruction set
- Crashing with paint tool "Blend" mode with AVX2
- Crashing on Mac OS with M1 (with Rosetta)
- Crashing when switching to WinTab using pen
- Correct .reb files thumbnails also with NanoPixel

Rebelle 5.0.5:

- Paint speed optimization when CPU with AVX2 is available
- Paint speed optimization when NanoPixel is used
- Optimization: Navigator and Preview image is updated only when panels are open
- Optimization: Watercolor simulation in Navigator and Preview panel is updated 2 FPS
- Crash when the simulation is running and exporting NanoPixel image
- Crash when MacOS hibernates
- Occasional Color Set flickering
- Mixing Palette color management

- New "Pick Color" button in the Reference image panel

Rebelle 5.0.4:

- Faster painting of the short strokes
- Crash at the start of the application when OpenGL driver is not detected
- Cursor does not disappear on Mac OS when changing applications
- When color is picked from the canvas, the first stroke is painted correctly
- Reset Brush Changes correctly sets values in Volume Preset panel
- Pick a color in Mixing Palette panel is not reverting to paint state
- Pressure slider changes values in Volume Preset panel
- Correct color profile in PS plugin (download "Escape Motions Connect 1.5.0")
- Canvas is not disappearing when rotated in 90°

- It is possible to pick a color from Mixing Palette panel without the background
- Mixing Palette -> menu -> Pick Color with Background
- Mixing Palette -> menu -> Reset Zoom to 100%

Rebelle 5.0.3:

- Mac M1 + Monterey: black canvas when painting size is larger than 2048 pixels
- Strokes flickering
- Storing correct DPI in exported JPG, PNG, TIFF
- Floating license
- Transparent background in exported images (File -> Save + NanoPixel Export)
- When the paper was hidden, semi-transparent pixels were shifted towards black
- Keyboard shortcuts CTRL + SHIFT + SOME_KEY works correctly
- Cursor is hidden when it should be visible and vice versa
- Zoom in the Mixing Palette

- Select Layer (Ctrl+Shift+Mouse Click on canvas) - selects only unlocked layers
- Nanopixel Export - added DPI info
- 3 brush sizes in the Mixing Palette
- Eraser tool in the Mixing Palette

Rebelle 5.0.2:

- Watercolor squared glitches while blending
- Opens correctly Rebelle 3 painting
- Failed autosave with the color palette
- Nanopixel export with transparent painting (little squares)
- Viewport under the panels is updating correctly

- Mixing Palette zoom in/out
- Updated languages: German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese Traditional, Arabic, Slovak

Rebelle 5.0.1:

- NanoPixel and granulation is turned off by default
- 'X' for mixing colors works with Pigments

Go ahead and download the latest update from your Community account. You can access the download links to the update also from within Rebelle 5, just go to the menu Help > Update to 5.0.6. This update is free for all Rebelle 5 users.

Still having issues?

If you still experience issues with the latest 5.0.6 update, please report it to our team:

- write an email to [email protected], or
- send feedback via the Help menu directly from Rebelle, or
- if there is a thread about the bug you are experiencing in the forum, post a comment (or create a new thread).

Please don't forget to add your computer congifuration, image or video of the bug - that always help us more to determine what might be the issue.

We are still working on fixing other issues that have been reported and will release more updates in the near future. We hope this effort will bring you a stable version of Rebelle 5 that will bring joy to your wonderfully creative process.
Happy painting!
Your Escape Motions Team


Image Credits: Featured Artist Wes Gardner | @artofwesgardner

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