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We continue improving Rebelle 6 step-by-step through a series of minor updates that include crucial fixes and some minor changes. Since the release, we have already released seven with the 6.0.7 update being the latest. In this blog, you will find what has been improved over the past month.

Version 6.0.1

- UI change in Filters "Color Range", more practical to use
- Add Layer Mask makes mask active
- Minor UI changes

- Fixed crashes with Liquify tool
- Fixed usage of Color Picker with Favorite tools
- Color Picker was not working correctly with Layer Masks and Clipping Masks
- Fixed mixing and blending between oils and watercolors
- Fixed color selection by hue in the Filters "Color Range"
- Fixed opening of reference image when the image file was renamed or modified
- In Tablet preferences, the Xencelabs option is reset after relaunching Rebelle Context menu items (in Layers, Brushes, etc.) are not activated with a mouse right-click.
- Fixed "Lock Aspect Ratio" when the image is changed in the Image Size tool

Version 6.0.2

- Fixed crash when the new artwork is created after selection
- Black icons in Warp tool with NanoPixel
- More minor bugs and crashes

Version 6.0.3

- Minor bugs and crashes

Version 6.0.4

- Added a new button for Reference Image to hide guide lines
- Reference Image -> "Show Image on Canvas" image is resized and centered on the canvas
- UI updated for Filters -> "Color Range"
- UI updated for Brush Creator -> Shape & Grain -> "Image Sequence"

- Fixed square artifacts when drawing on the layer mask
- Fixed crash after warp confirmation
- Warp and Transform tools had problems with the masking layer and locking
- Pen buttons were not registered unless the pen left & enter the proximity (WinTab)
- Fixed color blending modes when merging layer with clipping mask
- Liquify tool crashes with layers and undo
- Wet tools and Pigments do not reset Liquify tool
- Fixed crash with Reference Image guides
- Reference Image panels have the correct size when collapsed or when New Artwork is opened

Version 6.0.5

- Show only selected vertices and tangents in the Warp tool
- When a reb file is opened, exporting a layer from Photoshop to Rebelle doesn't create a new artwork, but adds the Photoshop layer to the existing Rebelle artwork
- Updated languages: German, Spanish, French, Greek, Portuguese (Brazilian), Traditional Chinese, Slovak, and Slovene

- Freeze that could happen after canvas resize, crop, opening, or creating new artwork
- Warp tool optimization, faster rendering, and switching between tools
- Transform tool optimization, faster switching between tools
- Favorite Tool: holding and releasing shortcut "X" (Mix Color) when the Favorite tool is selected returns back to the Favorites
- Favorite Tool: selecting another tool or color, when the Favorite tool was previously selected returns back to the Favorites
- Favorite Tool: When the Smudge or Liquify tool is selected, pressing Shift+B for Favorites did nothing
- Liquify tool brush rotation fixed
- Mixing palette canvas update fixed
- When the artwork is opened, the size of the Reference image preview on canvas was not correct
- Fixed crash when grid subdivision was set to 1

Version 6.0.6

- Added undo/redo while editing reference image preview on the canvas
- Using Image Size or Crop modifies also Reference image position and proportions
- Picking color when Layer Mask is selected picks the greyscale color from the mask
- Using shortcuts is possible while using a pen eraser
- It is possible to use a pen eraser not only as an eraser, but it could remember the last used tool. To turn it on, go to Preferences -> Tools -> [ ] For the Pen Eraser always use the last tool instead of the eraser.

- Fixed press and release of Ctrl, Alt, and Shift shortcuts
- The Layers panel shows the correct blending mode after creating or opening an artwork
- The Brush Creator panel could show incorrect button icons in the Light theme after the UI scale change
- The icon for the Record Time-lapse button changed for the Light theme
- Share brushes should work, restricted for Favorites
- In the Layers panel, the context menu on right-click uses the whole row

Version 6.0.7

- Faster response of the Liquify tool
- A new option in Preferences for changing the opacity of the reference image preview
- Added missing tooltip for the "Canvas Size" tool
- Added tooltip "Expand Panel" when the panel is collapsed
- "Copy to Favorites" option greyed out when "Favorites" is selected
- Instant analysis of some crash kinds directly in the crash report dialog
- Various minor changes in the UI

- Fixed crash with small grain scales
- Fixed Rebelle showing incorrect UI layout on start
- Fixed snapping of the reference image preview
- Fixed snapping of the selection
- "Favorites" is now remembered after using the pen eraser

Go ahead and download the latest Rebelle 6.0.7 update from your Community profile. You can access the download links to the update also from within Rebelle 6, just go to the menu Help > Update to 6.0.7. This update is free for all Rebelle 6 users.


If you experience any issues, please notify us! You can either post to the online Forum or send a direct email to [email protected].
Lastly, you can use the feedback form accessible directly from Rebelle's menu: Help > Send Feedback.


Thank you for helping us make Rebelle as bug-free and crash-free as possible!


Happy painting!
Your Escape Motions Team


Cover Image by Asur Misoa | @asur_misoa

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