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Dear fans and friends, we are pleased to announce that from today you can pre-purchase Rebelle - an amazingly realistic watercolor and acrylic painting tool. 


Be among the first people in the galaxy who can try our brand new tool for artists and get early access to Rebelle’s powerful features with a 33% discount:

Regular price: $59.99 | Pre-purchase: $39.99

The special price is valid until the full version’s release in May.

Watercolor is one of the most difficult painting techniques and it is tough to simulate its effects in the digital world, but after more than a year of prototyping and experimenting Rebelle handles this beautifully:

Rebelle is released as a beta 0.5.0 version. The number suggests that it is not a final release. The application has already gone through a one-month-long technical beta test and today we have a stable version with most of the critical bugs already fixed. We are planning to release the final version in May and users who pre-purchase the application now will already have access to all core features at no further costs.

What will you get with Rebelle’s pre-purchase?

- Chance to try out this unique tool among the first ones
- All updates including the full version
- Extended money-back guarantee: if Rebelle does not meet your expectations, you can ask for a refund also within 30 days after the full version is released
- News about implemented features, bug fixes and other
- Opportunity to share your ideas and suggestions which may get into the full version
- and discount 33%. 

Discover already implemented features

- Unique watercolor algorithm
- Painting tools – paintbrush, wet brush, dry brush, smear, blend, tilt canvas and more
- Color palettes with custom colors and Color Picker with a special Mix mode
- Beautiful paper textures
- Unlimited layers with 23 layer blending modes
- Wacom tablet support
- Intuitive interface
- Commercial license - you can already use your artworks for commercial purposes

Read more about Rebelle’s tools and features in our previous blog post. A list of features we’d like to implement can be found on our website.

System requirements

Minimal: Intel i3 or equivalent AMD processor, 4GB RAM, 50MB hard disk space, Open GL graphics card with 1GB RAM, 64-bit system Windows XP, Vista or Mac OS X 10.7 - on these configurations watercolor simulation may work slower, faster processor and more memory are preferable. We will release a 32-bit version for Windows later.

Recommended: Intel i7 or equivalent AMD processor, 16GB RAM, 50MB hard disk space, Open GL graphics card with 2GB RAM, 64-bit system Windows 7, 8 or Mac OS X 10.9, 10.10, Wacom tablet

Note: If the watercolor flow is slow or the painting cursor is lagging, press the “Fast Dry” button in the Layers panel. It will dry the painting and you can paint faster. This bug will be fixed in the next version.

Not sure if Rebelle will work on your system? Try out the free Demo version.

You are very welcome to share your feedback on Rebelle with us. Your support is the most valuable component of our success and we depend on it. You can report a bug, suggest a feature or show us some love at our email address support [at]

We hope Rebelle will be a perfect fit for your arsenal of artistic tools!  
Your Escape Motions Team

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