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Designed from the ground up, inspired by the real-world painting, it’s the closest a digital tool has ever come to the flow, spontaneity, and feel of traditional materials.


We are proud to announce the release of Rebelle, the revolutionary and one-of-a-kind real watercolor & acrylic painting application.

Rebelle convincingly mimics the way natural media interacts with the canvas and itself. Its watercolor simulation is based on a real-world color mixing, blending, wet-diffusion, and drying. Users can paint, smear, re-wet dried colors, blow wet washes across the paper, tilt the paper to create water drops and runs and create countless fantastic watercolor effects. 

Its various wet tools - watercolors, acrylics or ink pen can be combined with pastels, pencils or any other dry media tools, in wonderfully intuitive ways. With its unparalleled organic feel, it is one of the must-haves for every artist’s digital toolbox.

“Many people think they cannot draw or paint at all. Therefore I want to keep creating tools that encourage and liberate people to express themselves,” says Peter, the creator of the original watercolor algorithm and Rebelle application. Peter believes that everyone can be an artist and his vision is to motivate people to be creative. 

Rebelle’s full version is available for Windows (32-bit & 64-bit) and Mac OS for $59.99 from May 28th, 2015 on the Escape Motions website. All users who pre-purchased Rebelle can easily update via the Download page at no further costs. Mac App Store edition will be available soon. 

Watch Rebelle trailer created in cooperation with amazing artist Tim Shelbourne:

Rebelle’s Key Features

• Unique watercolor algorithm - Watercolor has some of the most complex paint effects and it is tough to simulate these effects in a digital world, but the physics created by Peter Blaškovič, with the help of Michal Fapšo, handles these fluid characteristics beautifully.

• Basic tools that work extraordinarily - Wet tools - watercolors, acrylics or ink pen can be seamlessly mixed with pastels, pencils, airbrush, and many other dry-media tools and effects.

• Intuitive easy-to-use interface – Painting in Rebelle is intuitive and uncomplicated, making it ideal for both the professional artist and the beginner alike. There’s a simple interface, with the powerful tools every artist needs.

New features in Rebelle 1.0 include image import, transform layer tool and image tracing. From now on you can easily import .png, .jpg, .bmp and .tif files onto a new layer or drag-and-drop an image directly from any application, file manager or web browser. Let imported pictures serve you as an inspiration with the new tracing tool and easily transform a layer to the desired composition.

This is just a beginning

We are so excited to share more features that are about to come in future Rebelle’s updates. Here is a brief roadmap of what we plan to include:

- Smoother and faster painting, optimization of watercolor simulation
- Add different brushes shapes - flat, bamboo, etc.
- Custom brushes, shareable in the online library
- User color palette groups with palette color names
- Palette Mix mode available also for layers
- Hires paper textures with scaling
- Paint and import Wet mask and masking layer
- Add salt, alcohol, saltwater, etc.
- and many more…

You can find more planned features in the FAQ section on our website.

The list of ideas is growing. We will continue implementing new features step by step and will keep Rebelle as simple and intuitive as possible, we promise :)

Your Escape Motions Team

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